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The Great Discontent (TGD)
Own your discontent. Interviews with artists, makers & risk-takers via print & online mag, live event series & podcast. Created by Ryan & Tina Essmaker.
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3 hours ago by xyai
Managing Technical Debt: Nine Policy Recommendations | Cutter Consortium
To technologists, technical debt, whether incurred intentionally or not, is an inexhaustible source of frustration and failure. But to technology-dependent organizations, unrestrained technical debt is a threat to survival. Many now recognize that if present trends continue, the more important controversy may not be whether we will suffer a technical debt-driven collapse, but when.
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yesterday by shadowstorm
“Writing is Thinking”—an annotated twitter thread – Learning By Shipping
I made a slide in about 5 minutes that simulates what it would be like if I had this story in my head before a meeting (Note: I continue to live developing a perfect handstand). This is typically what you'd see in a team meeting on this topic.
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yesterday by cjitlal
Cognitive bias cheat sheet – Better Humans
I’ve spent many years referencing Wikipedia’s list of cognitive biases whenever I have a hunch that a certain type of thinking is an official bias but I can’t recall the name or details. It’s been an…
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yesterday by cjitlal
Dan Lockton (at CHI) on Twitter: "Here's the whole of JG Ballard's short essay "The Future of the Future" in Vogue, 1977, from which the "heightened re-enactment of the day... star in a continually unfolding domestic saga" quote comes
Here's the whole of JG Ballard's short essay "The Future of the Future" in Vogue, 1977, from which the "heightened re-enactment of the day... star in a continually unfolding domestic saga" quote comes
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2 days ago by edsonm
Designing very large (JavaScript) applications – Malte Ubl – Medium
Hello, I used to build very large JavaScript applications. I don’t really do that anymore, so I thought it was a good time to give a bit of a retrospective and share what I learned. Yesterday I was…
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2 days ago by cjitlal

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