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Jabberwock: On Jiya Jale: Gulzar in conversation about his songs

"And there are delightful anecdotes, such as the one about Gulzar, working for a recent film, being asked by musician Shankar Mahadevan if the song “Hum ko Mann ki Shakti Dena” (from the 1971 film Guddi) was written by him. Oh no, that is a traditional prayer we used to sing in school, said directors Shaad Ali and Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, before Gulzar interjected and said he had indeed written the song for a prayer scene. It’s a story that nicely captures his stature in the film industry as a legend whose work has seeped into the DNA of our popular culture, and who continues to reinvent himself."
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yesterday by scritic
Reading Inga Clendinnen | The Monthly
Inga Clendinnen (1934–2016) was an eloquent teacher of history and a brilliant scholar who did not begin to talk until she was three and did not learn to read until she was eight. As a child she watched, listened and absorbed everything; then sentences sprang from her fully formed. As an adult she studied, taught and read, became an admired teacher and thinker, and then – in her early 50s – started writing books of astonishing discernment and power.
2 days ago by colindocherty
Strange Horizons - The Man Who Lost the Sea By Theodore Sturgeon
Sturgeon sstory. Two people in the comments section of Jo Walton's book thought this story was very good - one of them said it was one of his favorite short stories of all time. It's available for free on Strange Horizons
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2 days ago by slategrey
Title: The Men Who Murdered Mohammed
"One of my favorite stories of all time" Walton (don't know if available online)
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2 days ago by slategrey
Title: The Automatic Pistol
'The Automatic Pistol' and 'Smoke Ghost' "Fritz Leiber's seminal Urban horror stories - which speculated on how Supernatural or uncanny forces might manifest themselves in a modern technological setting appear decades before horror became a marketable genre. - from comments section of Informal History of the Hugos

(not sure if either are available)
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2 days ago by slategrey

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