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apsdehal/awesome-ctf: A curated list of CTF frameworks, libraries, resources and softwares
nice collection of tools, for those moments you can't remember that tools you used that one time in paris
toosl  curated  CTF  hacking 
august 2018 by breyguhn
w3af - Open Source Web Application Security Scanner
security  toosl  webapplication 
february 2015 by summerwind
Desk Marker
Desk Marker allows to draw on windows with different pensize and color
windows  free  toosl  presentation  drawing  desktop 
december 2013 by ziller
PolyCrypt: A WebCrypto Polyfill
Web apps are cool. Secure web apps are cooler. The W3C WebCrypto working group is developing a crypto API for the DOM. Ultimately, that should let web apps get access to the high-grade crypto that's already in browsers. Unfortunately, that means that web developers can't play with the API until the browser vendors have it implemented.
In the mean time, we're trying to create a pure JavaScript implementation of the WebCrypto API that people can use to get a feel for how they can use the API in practice.
web  w3c  polyfills  development  programming  libraries  toosl  javascript  js 
january 2013 by grahams

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