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wysihtml5 - A better approach to rich text editing
wysihtml5 is an open source rich text editor based on HTML5 technology and the progressive-enhancement approach. It uses a sophisticated security concept and aims to generate fully valid HTML5 markup by preventing unmaintainable tag soups and inline styles.
editor  javascript  html  opensource  webdesign  toolkit 
july 2013 by tdjones
PHAPI - DOM objects for PHP

PHAPI is a little experiment: it automatically creates a PHP interface to Javascript/DOM objects and allow some DOM creation and manipulation server side. It supports JQuery integration.
php  webdesign  toolkit  library  javascript  jquery  opensource 
july 2013 by tdjones
Mongoose - easy to use web server
Project mission is to provide simple, functional, embeddable web server to make it easy for application and device developers to implement web interface for their application and devices, and to offer a simple web development environment.
webdesign  c  programming  toolkit  opensource  linux  windows  embedded 
july 2013 by tdjones
Gitless - an experimental version control system built on top of Git

Gitless is a distributed version control system that supports all of the most commonly used Git features. We are missing some things like submodules and cherry-picking but these are coming soon (maybe; only if we don't find a superior, more robust way of achieving the same goal). Either way, since Gitless is implemented on top of Git (could be considered what Git pros call a 'porcelain' of Git) you can always fallback to the 'git' command to finish a task.
git  versioncontrol  programming  python  opensource  toolkit 
july 2013 by tdjones

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