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nvALT Clone for Windows
windows  markdown  tool  text  writing 
4 hours ago by domanske
A description of the new chunking behavior in Webpack v4
programming  javascript  webpack  build  tool  plugin  chunk  optimization  codesplitting 
12 hours ago by acemarke
Diffee Checker
Thoughts about front-end development and design. And probably other ramblings by Una Kravets.
css  diff  visual  comparison  regression  tool 
13 hours ago by jppferguson
Logo Crunch - The multi-resolution logo maker
Make your logo multi-resolution in less than a minute. Generate an instant favicon for your website, iOS or Android
favicon  logo  tool  tools  resize  resources  graphics  web  awesome 
13 hours ago by jppferguson
TIC-80 by Nesbox
TIC-80 is a fantasy computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games.

There are built-in tools for development: code, sprites, maps, sound editors and the command line, which is enough to create a mini retro game. At the exit you will get a cartridge file, which can be stored and played on the website.

Also, the game can packed into a player that works on all popular platforms and distribute as you wish. To make a retro styled game the whole process of creation takes place under some technical limitations: 240x136 pixels display, 16 color palette, 256 8x8 color sprites, 4 channel sound and etc.
programming  tool  retro  game  development 
15 hours ago by awhite
GitHub - Microsoft/perfview
PerfView is a CPU and memory performance-analysis tool
memory  cpu  performance  windows  microsoft  tool  github 
18 hours ago by geekzter

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