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Homerun: Recruit like a pro
Homerun is all-in-one recruitment software (ATS) that enables you to attract, review and hire the best talent, together as a team.
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3 hours ago by roggedoggelito
’s online recruitment software goes beyond applicant tracking and posting jobs. It’s hiring software that improves the recruiting process and helps build a talent pool.
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3 hours ago by roggedoggelito
MODIFI3D PRO : Enhanced 3D Print Finishing Tool by Steelmans — Kickstarter
Modifi3D PRO is an evolution of the 3D print tool. It is now tougher and has more power. We have added adjustable temperature control with an LCD display. Temperature can now be set up to 450ºC to allow for future potential of new tips and attachments.

The PRO is designed to replace much of the sanding, scraping and snapping to finish off your 3D prints, and comes with 10 interchangeable tips.
3dprinting  tool  finishing 
5 hours ago by cyberchucktx
Avocado Terminal
Data analytics, OTC and messenger for institutional cryptocurrency asset managers

Watch large bitcoin transactions in real time.
cryptocurrency  tool 
5 hours ago by dirtpupfc

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