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GPX merge
kleines Tool, um gpx-tracks zu mergen
gpx  maps  tool  online 
2 hours ago by pin.mel
brew install tidy-html5
html  tool 
8 hours ago by snitzr
Design Thinking Software and Customer Research tool - Pyoneer
Prioritize customer problems and your solution based on insights Manage your innovation portfolio and team in one place. Add pain point scores, analyze user interaction touchpoints and track if your problem hypothesis is validated.
Archive  design  thinking  tool 
16 hours ago by fraz87
Singularity - A DNS Rebinding Attack Framework - KitPloit - PenTest Tools for your Security Arsenal ☣
DNS rebinding changes the IP address of an attacker controlled machine name to the IP address of a target application, bypassing the same-origin policy and thus allowing the browser to make arbitrary requests to the target application and read their responses. The Singularity DNS server is responding with short time to live (TTL) records, minimizing the time the response is cached. When the victim browses to the Singularity manager interface, the Singularity's DNS server first responds with the IP address of Singularity itself where the client-side code (payload) is hosted. When the DNS record times out, the Singularity DNS server responds with the IP address of the target host (e.g. and the victim's browser can access the target application, circumventing the browser's same-origin policy.
dns  pentest  tool 
16 hours ago by whip_lash
How Integrative Cancer Treatment Can Be Another Tool in the Fight Against Cancer - Vibrant Life
Vibrant Life Chiropractic in Claremore and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Chiropractic care is an expansive field of alternative pain treatment and general health care.
How  Integrative  Cancer  Treatment  Can  Be  Another  Tool  in  the  Fight  Against  -  Vibrant  Life 
20 hours ago by LocalBusiness
How Air Scrubbers Can Eliminate Harmful Pollutants from Your Home
Air scrubbers are used inside of duct work and operate by forcing contaminants to pass through a deadly UV germicidal light.
air  purification  tool 
21 hours ago by Adventure_Web
[ASK] Convert Color/Black to White - ImageMagick
To see what is going on, extract the alpha channel and the background image using

convert donut_black.png -alpha off donut_black_background.png
convert donut_black.png -alpha extract donut_black_alpha.png
explained  png  tool  color 
22 hours ago by aries1988

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