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Those who attended the fic roundtable at : rec your fics here! Mine was A Candle for the Hollow…
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7 days ago by amyfortuna
Master of his universe: the warnings in JRR Tolkien’s novels
Former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams writes.
9 days ago by nwlinks
The ArdaCraft project seeks to recreate Tolkien’s Middle-earth in Minecraft
minecraft  art  MiddleEarth  Tolkien 
18 days ago by fozbaca
Hey fans going to ! Come along to my friendly low-key "the current state of Tolkien fanfic…
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19 days ago by amyfortuna
So so excited for my discussion at 9 AM Sunday morning! Hey, , ,…
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21 days ago by amyfortuna
Tolkien RPG Campaign Idea : tolkienfans
I run a weekly gaming group where we play Adventures in Middle Earth, a middle Earth table top game using 5th edition dungeons and dragons mechanics. I have an idea for a campaign for my group and I thought I'd post it here to see what people think.
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22 days ago by neverminding
40. William L. Snyder | GeneDeitchCredits
Unhappy Ending Extravagantly optimistic: “Snyder & Deitch will rule the world!” Supremely self-assured: “I never catch colds. I refuse to believe in colds!” Openly narcissistic: “I am a beautiful man!” This unfazeable, unstoppable, unreasonable, endlessly resourceful man came finally to an end none could have imagined for him. He fell victim to Alzheimer’s syndrome and…
hobbit  tolkien 
24 days ago by curiousgene
Vintage Middle-earth ~ 1976 Lord of the Rings Poster – Mordor ~ The Land of Shadow
This iconic Lord of the Rings poster was drawn by Jimmy Cauty in 1976 when he was at the age of 19 and it’s not the thing that made him really famous. “Everything is connected.
Pocket  tolkien 
7 weeks ago by neverminding
Somewhere safe to sleep - Anonymous - The Hobbit (Jackson Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Sigrid and Tilda spend the night in Thranduil's meeting tent.

Part 2 of the From Without, From Within series
fic  hobbit  tolkien  pairing:gen  [0-1k 
8 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
From Without, and from Within - Anonymous - The Hobbit (Jackson Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Legolas and Thranduil part after the battle, and both must learn to see what they have been missing.

Part 1 of the From Without, From Within series
fic  hobbit  tolkien  pairing:gen  [5-10k 
8 weeks ago by shadowkeeper
Welcome to Ansereg, Tyellas' web site for mature Tolkien fans. Here you'll find one fan's writing about Tolkien's Middle-Earth, meant to satisfy curiosity, inspire discussion, and reassure you that somebody else was asking awkward questions about orcs, too. The essays are the most frequently read content on this site,
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9 weeks ago by keslightfeather

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