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The Fellowship promotional drawing for Lord of the Rings by Mike Ploog
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2 days ago by yeri
JRR Tolkien : A Collection |
A catalogue of Tolkien books and memorabilia. Books by Tolkien, Middle-earth related works, literary studies, posters, calendars, deluxe editions.
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16 days ago by curiousgene
JRR Tolkien : A Collection |
This site is a big list of all the Tolkien books and ephemera I’ve collected over the years. It’s fair to say I was a proper Tolkien nut as a kid. Still slightly nutty even now.
I hope you enjoy my collection, and thanks for visiting!
books  tolkien  collection  ephemera  collections  wtiif 
16 days ago by bezthomas
The Unforgiven Chapter 1: A shadow of the past, a lord of the rings fanfic | FanFiction
159,000. A fellowship is formed to destroy the One Ring to save middle-Earth. They withstand lost, battles, war. What they hadn't reckoned was Ethir - lost bloodline of Sauron. Lethal conspiracies are unveiled, old scores'll be settled, and the line between hero and villain is sharp enough to draw blood. What does the future hold, after they return home?
LoTR  tolkien  legolas/ofc  ocfic  Unread  <200000 
19 days ago by kalika89
Fundraiser by Anna W : Anna's Emergency Rent Fund
Anna is my friend, a great fan, and all-around good people, & she could use a hand if you are able to help.
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20 days ago by amyfortuna
"Schleda po Tolkienie" - Kaczmarski by Mateusz Nagórski - Posts
Mateusz Nagórski. 4,175 likes · 110 talking about this. Mateusz Nagórski: wykonawca piosenek i autor muzyki do wierszy J. Kaczmarskiego. Kontakt:...
kaczmarski  music  tolkien 
25 days ago by pmigdal
All Who Wander Are Not Lost Chapter 1: Prologue, a lord of the rings fanfic | FanFiction
A Ranger. A flash of fire. A shield strong as Mithril. A warrior. A wanderer. Part-time Seer. Enemy of the Witch King. Pheonix. Protector of the weak. Those were things people said about her, but who was she really?
ocfic  tolkien  LoTR  aragorn/ofc  <30000  Unread 
6 weeks ago by kalika89
a little bit genghis khangis
[pics from the Hobbit/LOTR films with b99 quotes]
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6 weeks ago by timberwolfoz

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