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Princeton prof wins MacArthur 'genius' grant for work on power of perception : Arts & Entertainment : WHYY
“The media doesn’t tell us what to think, it tells us what other people are thinking,” said Paluck. “Mass media and pop culture provide cues to what is socially acceptable and socially desirable. These perceptions might have a really big influence on how we behave.”
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october 2017 by dmensing
The Decline of Religious Freedom and the Return of Religious Influence – Opinion – ABC Religion & Ethics (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Therefore, if it is indeed true, as Brad Gregory argues, that the more the modern State reduces religion to a matter of private belief the more it both maintains and extends its control over religious belief and practice, one should still beware of pre-dating this eventual development, which always remained gradual. Insofar as religion has remained an assumed part of the necessary fabric of civil society, its pure privatisation is not fully achieved even today, while the effective Erastianism of which Gregory rightly speaks was nonetheless qualified in the past by a real confessional shaping of the character of the State itself (as Manent argues), including the Protestant character of the United States.

In this way, the religious toleration of the West in modern times is to a degree considerably in continuity with Patristic and the more generous among mediaeval and renaissance Christian attitudes, even if it is true that this toleration was forced upon the West by the collapse of a more unitary and intolerant mediaeval Christendom and the subsequent wars of religion. Yet that intolerance often does not seem retrospectively justifiable in terms of the fundamental theological norms which the Church Fathers like Tertullian and Augustine laid down, even if, once more, we may surmise that their tolerance was partially forced upon them by circumstances of persecution. Beyond that again in any case lies the witness of the New Testament for tolerance as free assent to God and Christ, albeit within the limits any notion of tolerance necessarily requires.
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march 2017 by ayjay
If Britain decides to ban the burqa I might just start wearing one | David Mitchell | Comment is free | The Observer
All wonderfully, beautifully sensible. "It's not bigoted to disagree vociferously with people's choices, as long as you're even more vociferous in defending their right to make them."
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august 2010 by philgyford
A Colony With a Conscience
“And when the Dutch West India Company set up a trading post [in] Manhattan in 1625, the purpose was to make money, not to save souls. Because the founding idea was trade, the directors of the firm took pains to ensure that all were welcome.”
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december 2007 by niederme
Retribution and Reconciliation
Retribution as a justification for punishment requires that wrongdoers should get no more than (and perhaps no less than) their "just deserts."
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october 2006 by meryn
Semantic web - conflict or synthesis?
HTML 4, and ill-formed XHTML 1.0, are going to be around for quite some time, so a backwards-compatible approach for RDFa would be more sensible than requiring new HTML markup from XHTML 2.0.
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august 2006 by meryn
Principled Toleration of Religion | MetaFilter
Why Tolerate Religion? Brian Leiter's new paper on the philosophical and legal justifications for toleration of religion. From the abstract: Religious toleration has long been the paradigm of the liberal ideal of toleration of group differences, as reflec
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may 2006 by therourke
Clashes Between Cultures
The things we are concerned about - the enforced adherence to a religion or world view, the violent opposition to other views - are in my view possible only in societies of the uneducated and indigent.
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may 2006 by meryn
Europe’s Free Riders
It is the ECB’s willingness to, in effect, accept all euro-zone debt as collateral that has undermined the market’s willingness to be an enforcer of fiscal prudence.
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march 2006 by meryn
Procrastination in College Students Is a Marker of Unhealthy Behaviors
[Students] might postpone difficult work not so much because they fear a poor grade six weeks down the line as because they have low tolerance for the immediate pins and needles associated with sitting down to work on a given evening.
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march 2006 by meryn

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