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How To Learn Vim: A Four Week Plan – Actualize – Medium
This is how I learned Vim, which was based upon the advice that I’ve come across repeatedly in forums and tutorials. I’ve also added some of my own tips that helped me out along the way.
tooling  vim  tolearn 
4 days ago by higijenicar
Mastering Async JavaScript
Build an unassailable understanding of JavaScript's callbacks, promises and async/await syntax over the course of 47 live examples and exercises.
javascript  tolearn 
4 days ago by higijenicar
css - Programmatically creating PDF from webpage - Stack Overflow
I wrote a Stackoverflow response to the problem of creating PDFs programmatically. After trying out Browsershot, Puppeteer and Chrome / Chromium headless browser solution on Laravel and seeing it work. This came after being frustrated with trying to install / run wkhtmltopdf on Ubuntu 18.04.
stackoverflow  howto  example  guider  reference  suggestion  render  pdf  programmatically  server  side  php  php7  browsershot  laravel  laravel5  ubuntu  ubuntu18.04  puppeteer  chrome  chromium  headless  browser  totry  tolearn  tounderstand 
6 days ago by racl101
★ Easily convert webpages to images using PHP - Freek Van der Herten's blog on PHP and Laravel
Really good tutorial explaining how to use a PHP (Composer) library named Browsershot which leverages the NPM Puppeteer package and Chrome / Chromium headless browser to render PDF images and screenshots (all server side). No more having to use hard to install wkhtmltopdf
blog  tutorial  howto  example  use  browsershot  pdf  puppeteer  chrome  chromium  headless  browser  render  screenshot  images  guide  reference  toread  tolearn  totry  tounderstand 
6 days ago by racl101
jeffersonsouza/jenkins-docker: Jenkins 2 inside docker containers using containers as slaves to build PHP and NodeJS
This project looks promising in demonstrating howto to set up a Jenkins Master and a couple of Jenkins slaves both running different versions of PHP all via Docker. However, it is not well documented. Nevertheless, I think I could learn something from it.
github  project  docker  example  slaves  master  jenkins  docker-compose  howto  toread  tolearn  totry  tounderstand  guide  reference 
7 days ago by racl101

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