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USB Type-C to DisplayPort Cable – Google Store
magic cable that apparently lets you get 4k at 60hz on a 2016 mbp (acronyms!)
2 hours ago by osirius
Scarlet – Supertype
Had Alexander Girard & Aldo Novarese teamed up to design a typeface, Scarlet might have been the result. In his admiration of the graphic language of the 1960s, Jürgen Huber has designed this sans serif typeface with a matching script in 2015/16.
typography  typeface  tobuy  ****  sans  fun 
yesterday by gpe
Hueniversal Flag — Stephanie A. Johnson-Cunningham
The Hueniversal Flag, by Stephanie Johnson-Cunningham, is a melanin infused color spectrum of tones consisting of eight shades. As a visual representation of skin tones, it acts as indexes of bodies. It reflects new possibilities of advocacy, solidarity, resistance, and movement for People of Color. Stephanie works to challenge the “color line” still present in the twenty-first century.
civil-rights  race  socialissues  tobuy 
yesterday by rsgranne
A Book Apart, Just Enough Research, 2e
Start doing good research faster than you can plan your next pitch.
book  research  userresearch  tobuy 
6 days ago by marksbren

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