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Friday Five: September 28, 2018 – Gratuitous Web Presence
> •It could be that, upon rereading parts of this Friday Five, maybe I just don’t like people very much.
14 days ago by ReadingGeorgeFox
What Arguments About Sex Ed Are Really About | FiveThirtyEight
>Though I also think “don’t teach values in school” is kind of hilarious. How do you even talk about sex without also talking about values around it?
5 weeks ago by ReadingGeorgeFox
How to Recover from Romantic Heartbreak - Scientific American
Focusing on the bad aspects of one's former partner doesn't seem healthy. A realistic remembrance of the relationship does.
As does changing one's idea of a "successful" relationship. Did one learn new things? Grow as a person? Have good times? A success doesn't mean being together until one person dies.
Also, the focus on the flaws approach doesn't seem to be useful if one wants to remain friends.
9 weeks ago by ReadingGeorgeFox
Why hardware makers like Roku rarely make their money from hardware.
>Most hardware manufacturers—even big ones—can’t command Apple’s level of supply chain wizardry…
Media still not understanding that the key to Apple's success is its software moat. The user experience is differentiate enough that their are plenty of people who won't consider a non-Apple product. And Apple is the only company with the mix of high skill at *both* hardware and software.
The set top business is hard because user experience matters less. The software (both tvOS
10 weeks ago by ReadingGeorgeFox
Manton Reece - Replacing 1 billion-user platforms
But ways of communicating across smaller platforms. is great, but will it ever contain BLM, Palestinian Activists, Sex Workers, etc?
july 2018 by ReadingGeorgeFox
War and Reintegration – Yonatan Zunger – Medium
>The textbook success story is the de-Nazification of Germany after WWII. Only a very small fraction of the people who participated in actual killings were ever brought to trial; most people simply went on with their lives, living in the extremely uncomfortable world where you never knew which of the people you dealt with on a daily basis had a horrific past. But despite this, German society not only did not disintegrate, it thrived, rapidly turning into a pillar of the “community of nations.” >There are too many failures for there to be a textbook example.
>Essentially, people need the opportunity to exit the life they were living during the previous violence. If this opportunity is unavailable, they can fall back on what they know.
>The military has been encouraged to develop strong discipline, both to maximize its effectiveness as a fighting force, and to maximize its ability to integrate into society; police departments have been encouraged to develop extreme autonomy among individual officers, especially in their use of violence, in order to maximize people’s obedience.
june 2018 by ReadingGeorgeFox
How Deinterlining Can Improve New York City Transit | Pedestrian Observations
>The reason complex branching reduces capacity is that, as delays propagate, the schedule needs to incorporate a greater margin of error to recover from unexpected incidents. It also slows down the trains, since the trains are frequently held at merge points. The general rule is that anything that increases precision increases capacity (such as automation and moving block signaling) and anything that reduces precision reduces capacity; reverse branching reduces timetable precision, because each train can be delayed by incidents on more than one line, making delays more common.
june 2018 by ReadingGeorgeFox
The airline industry is sticking with its old flight simulators
>For now, I use a modified version of the Turing test called the “Oh shit” test. When something out of the ordinary happens in a low-fidelity sim, pilots usually laugh. When it happens in a Level D simulator, pilots invariably yell “Oh shit!
june 2018 by ReadingGeorgeFox

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