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The Ex-Teacher Who Corrected the President's Grammar Deserves a Medal - Slog - The Stranger
>"If I had received this from one of my students,” Mason told the Washington Post, “I would have handed it back without a grade on it and said, ‘I hope you left the real one at home.’”
***Actually link to original? Attach photo?***
june 2018 by ReadingGeorgeFox
GM settles with motorcyclist struck by Cruise self-driving car | Ars Technica
>Cruise CEO Kyle Vogt described this as "challenging but necessary." He argued that driving in San Francisco allows its cars to experience unusual and challenging events far more often than in more sedate and suburban areas like Silicon Valley and Southeastern Phoenix—the main areas where Waymo tests its vehicles.
Maybe starting off with less complicated environments is a safer course? One doesn't put a new skier on a black diamond.
june 2018 by ReadingGeorgeFox
Prostitution Cannot Be Squared with Human Rights or the Equality of Women | Cato Unbound

So long as prostitution remains an “option” for poor women, there is no incentive to develop educational opportunities, job programs, or economic policies that could uplift the poor.
I don't see how removing the option is going to create this incentive? Why not just advocate for those good things directly?
april 2018 by ReadingGeorgeFox
Sam Harris, Charles Murray, and the allure of race science - Vox
Apply this to the American experience. Over hundreds of years, white Americans have oppressed black Americans — enslaved them, physically terrorized them, ripped their families apart, taken their wealth from them, denied their children decent educations, refused to let them buy homes in neighborhoods with good schools, locked them out of the most cognitively demanding and financially rewarding jobs, deprived them of the professional and social networks that power advancement.
march 2018 by ReadingGeorgeFox
Police raid New Orleans strip clubs; strippers respond with protests in the street – ThinkProgress
RT @thinkprogress: Police raid New Orleans strip clubs; strippers respond with protests in the street
february 2018 by ReadingGeorgeFox

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