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Venice Backstage. How does Venice work? | Nicolò Scibilia
Venice is not just a stage set. It is also a city with a resident population, which has productive activities, transportation and services. But how does the “Venice system” work? How do the tides in the lagoon behave? How are the canals formed? And the embankments? What’s under the buildings?
Directed by Nicolò Scibilia ( Motion graphics: pholpo. Produced by Insula spa, operational division of Venice Municipality.
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3 days ago by milesevenson
Second-generation p-values: Improved rigor, reproducibility, & transparency in statistical analyses
Verifying that a statistically significant result is scientifically meaningful is not only good scientific practice, it is a natural way to control the Type I error rate. Here we introduce a novel extension of the p-value—a second-generation p-value (pδ)–that formally accounts for scientific relevance and leverages this natural Type I Error control. The approach relies on a pre-specified interval null hypothesis that represents the collection of effect sizes that are scientifically uninteresting or are practically null. The second-generation p-value is the proportion of data-supported hypotheses that are also null hypotheses. As such, second-generation p-values indicate when the data are compatible with null hypotheses (pδ = 1), or with alternative hypotheses (pδ = 0), or when the data are inconclusive (0 < pδ < 1). Moreover, second-generation p-values provide a proper scientific adjustment for multiple comparisons and reduce false discovery rates. This is an advance for environments rich in data, where traditional p-value adjustments are needlessly punitive. Second-generation p-values promote transparency, rigor and reproducibility of scientific results by a priori specifying which candidate hypotheses are practically meaningful and by providing a more reliable statistical summary of when the data are compatible with alternative or null hypotheses.
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25 days ago by Vaguery
santinic/pampy: Pampy: The Pattern Matching for Python you always dreamed of.
Pampy is pretty small (150 lines), reasonably fast, and often makes your code more readable and hence easier to reason about. There is also a JavaScript version, called Pampy.js.
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4 weeks ago by Vaguery

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