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Eliminating delays on ESC in vim and zsh - John Hawthorn
While having a vim discussion on twitter with @_jaredn, I remembered that having a delay in entering normal mode after pressing ESC (switching to normal mode) really frustrates me. This delay exists because many keys (arrows keys, ALT) rely on it as an escape character. Here’s the setup I’ve used for a while for near instantaneous switch into normal mode.
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yesterday by ezequiel
How do I get Vim to recognize ESC key faster? - Stack Overflow
Q: I use Vim, almost exclusively in the console. When I exit insert mode by pressing <ESC>, there is a noticeable lag in Vim's recognizing the command. The lag is similar to the delay when I push the <leader> key, I assume to give me time to enter other characters in a mapping. Is there an option I can set to get Vim to recognize the escape key faster?
2012  forumthread  stackexchange  vim  configuration  keyboard  terminal  example  tips  tmux  screen 
yesterday by ezequiel
Why does vim incsearch pause when cancelling a search with the <ESC> key? - Stack Overflow
Q: In vim, if you set incsearch then it will scroll to the next match of your current search term without moving the cursor. I often use this to read a section of code without moving the cursor there, because I can then hit <ESC> and the screen will return back to wherever my cursor was when I started searching.

However, vim has a pause after you hit <ESC>, and before it scrolls back to the cursor. I find this pause very irritating. What is the purpose behind this pause, and/or is this pause configurable?
2012  vim  configuration  tips  example  forumthread  stackexchange  keyboard  tmux  screen  terminal 
yesterday by ezequiel
greymd/tmux-xpanes: Awesome tmux-based terminal divider
Awesome tmux-based terminal divider. Contribute to greymd/tmux-xpanes development by creating an account on GitHub.
4 days ago by ddeimeke
A tmux Crash Course
Learn everything you need to be productive in tmux.
tmux  linux  reference  terminal  shell  tools 
4 days ago by Basti2k
keyboard - Consequences of 'escape-time 0' tmux setting? - Super User
I find that when running (neo)vim inside tmux, the escape-key is delayed. This is fixed by putting:

set -sg escape-time 0

in my .tmux.conf. Presumably, this disables the possibility of using ESC as the "meta" key. Assuming that I always work with keyboards that have an Alt key to act as "meta", I'm wondering what potentially undesirable consequences that setting might entail.
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6 days ago by ezequiel
Making tmux Pretty and Usable - A Guide to Customizing your tmux.conf
# switch panes using Alt-arrow without prefix bind -n M-Left select-pane -L bind -n M-Right select-pane -R bind -n M-Up select-pane -U bind -n M-Down select-pane -D
7 days ago by BigW
GitHub - fabianishere/pam_reattach: A pluggable authentication module that reattaches to the user's GUI (Aqua) session on macOS
"This is a PAM module for reattaching to the authenticating user's per-session bootstrap namespace on macOS (See TN2083 about bootstrap namespace). This allows users to make use of the pam_tid module (Touch ID) from within tmux."
tmux  sudo  osx 
9 days ago by jkp

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