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RFC 7636 - Proof Key for Code Exchange by OAuth Public Clients
OAuth 2.0 public clients utilizing the Authorization Code Grant are susceptible to the authorization code interception attack. This specification describes the attack as well as a technique to mitigate against the threat through the use of Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE, pronounced "pixy").
OAuth  code  security  TLS  HTTPS  standard 
2 days ago by activescott
RFC 8473 - Token Binding over HTTP
This document describes a collection of mechanisms that allow HTTP servers to cryptographically bind security tokens (such as cookies and OAuth tokens) to TLS connections. We describe both first-party and federated scenarios. In a first- party scenario, an HTTP server is able to cryptographically bind the security tokens that it issues to a client -- and that the client subsequently returns to the server -- to the TLS connection between the client and the server. Such bound security tokens are protected from misuse, since the server can generally detect if they are replayed inappropriately, e.g., over other TLS connections. Federated Token Bindings, on the other hand, allow servers to cryptographically bind security tokens to a TLS connection that the client has with a different server than the one issuing the token. This document is a companion document to "The Token Binding Protocol Version 1.0" (RFC 8471).
OAuth  code  security  TLS  HTTPS  standard 
2 days ago by activescott
Certificate management · kubernetes/dashboard Wiki
General-purpose web UI for Kubernetes clusters. Contribute to kubernetes/dashboard development by creating an account on GitHub.
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2 days ago by vonc

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