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Escape room tips/MagPi/Puddle & Pile | Cool Tools
Escape room tips
Escape rooms are a blast and are now found in most cities. For maximum fun, a small group of people try to solve a roomful of puzzles in order to escape. Here is a quick solid tutorial on the best tips for successfully solving any escape room. — KK

Reusable hot and cold gel wrap
I don’t get aches and pains often, but I’m very grateful to have this hot and cold compress on hand for when my muscles are sore ($18/2pk). We used to use clay ice packs but they all cracked open in the microwave and these gel packs are better at holding heat longer. — CD
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yesterday by rgl7194
San Francisco's Ultimate Date Spots
Let Eater SF guide your way into a one-night stand, a relationship, an anniversary dinner, and everything in between
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yesterday by nskh
Forcing Functions: Inside D3.v4 forces and layout transitions
guide for those interested in creating their own custom forces and transitions
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yesterday by justinludwig
Multicastadressliste –
Wer Entertain ohne die entsprechenden Media Receiver nutzen will, kann einige Sender (derzeit die der öffentlich rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten) mit DVB-IP kompatiblen Endgeräten sehen. Als Codec kommt MPEG4/AVC aka. H.264 zum Einsatz, der in einen MPEG2TS verpackt wird. Dieser wiederrum kommt in einen RTP-Stream welcher per UDP auf Port 10000 via IP-Multicast verteilt wird.
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yesterday by torben
How to Back Up and Restore Windows 10 Apps Without Backup Software
Your Windows 10 apps contain important settings and customization data. Protect your data by backing it up.
windows  backup  tips 
yesterday by cito

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