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hai. i'm jai. and Jay M. Johar on Twitter
Coffee pun thread by @z_zairina and @mujahidjohar! Tweet starts with: "A shot of death πŸ’€"
brunei-tweets  2017  puns  coffee  threads  threads-puns  cat:fun 
3 days ago by hazm8
albedo on Twitter
Thread on adult life when you're out of school (and your workplace isn't particularly structured) -- Tweet: "You know how the first day of classes the teachers will outline the syllabus and tell you what you'll hopefully gain by the end of the year"
brunei-tweets  2016  adulting  students  threads  cat:thoughts 
3 days ago by hazm8
Microsoft/napajs: Napa.js: a multi-threaded JavaScript runtime
Napa.js is a multi-threaded JavaScript runtime built on V8, which was originally designed to develop highly iterative services with non-compromised performance in Bing. As it evolves, we find it useful to complement Node.js in CPU-bound tasks, with the capability of executing JavaScript in multiple V8 isolates and communicating between them. Napa.js is exposed as a Node.js module, while it can also be embedded in a host process without Node.js dependency.
javascript  performance  threaded  threads  optimisation  node.js  multiprocess  workers 
3 days ago by robhawkes
Hariz FadHELLah πŸ‘» on Twitter
Ugama/primary school stories.
Thread starting with Hariz FadHELLah πŸ‘» on Twitter: "Masa ku di sek menengah aku pernah tanya cigu BM ku apa makna perkataan "Gian", aku tanya dia kalau boleh masukkan dlm karangan ku *fespalm*"
This point in the thread: spoop πŸ‘» on Twitter: "@_HarizFadhilah She was all, "Ah? inda kamu tahu kah apa bersetubuh ani? Bersetubuh ani yang apa bapa mama kamu buat di katil/bilik." We were like 10"
brunei-tweets  2017  students  ugamaschool  primaryschool  threads  cat:experiences 
6 days ago by hazm8
mansom on Twitter
Tweet: "my experience with SBPP (gov loan), a thread:"

[Thread can also be read at]
brunei-tweets  2017  students  loans  scholarships  government  threads  brunei  cat:experiences 
12 days ago by hazm8
Faiq Airudin on Twitter
Tweet: "His Majesty's Jubli Emas procession was a significant moment for the future direction and expectation of Brunei media".

[Thread can also be read here:]
brunei-tweets  2017  media  hmjubliemas  threads  cat:thoughts 
16 days ago by hazm8
Unroll a long twitter thread with a single tweet. I like it
unroll  threads  twitter  reading  ux  bots 
24 days ago by jm

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