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Uses This / Kamina Vincent
Kamina Vincent Producer (Mountains) Posted July 17, 2018Filed under: Who are you, and what do you do? I’m Kamina Vincent! Hi! I’m the Producer at Mountains, and we recently released Florence on iOS and Android. via Pocket
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6 hours ago by cristianconti
Uses This / Ben Wurgaft
Ben Wurgaft Writer, historian Posted July 12, 2018Filed under: Who are you, and what do you do? I'm Ben Wurgaft. I'm a writer and historian, and currently a Visiting Scholar in Anthropology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. via Pocket
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5 days ago by cristianconti
Uses This / Elisa Bryant
Elisa Bryant Visual artist Posted July 10, 2018Filed under: Who are you, and what do you do? My name is Elisa Bryant and I am a Melbourne-based visual artist. I am currently working on a series of digital collages with imagery taken from the 1960/70's era. via Pocket
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7 days ago by cristianconti
Using Sass to Control Scope With BEM Naming
We've taken inspiration from JavaScript to control scope in our BEM components with Sass by using this little snippet at the root: $self: &. With the scope control, we gain flexibility to write clean, organized, BEM driven CSS when we are deep in a modifier or child element.
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7 days ago by spaceninja
javascript - Arrow function vs function declaration / expressions: Are they equivalent / exchangeable? - Stack Overflow
In function declarations / expressions the value of `this` is dependent on the _calling scope_.

In arrow functions the value of `this` is dependent on the _lexical scope_.

Unlike function declarations / expressions, arrow functions do not have an `arguments` variable and are not constructable.
javascript  javascript-function  this  arrow-function 
7 days ago by d-metcalfe
This Week in Programming: The End of the API Economy (As We Know It)?
"As ProgrammableWeb cautions at the end of its article, “should you be considering creating or investing in a company that depends on using or providing an API to do business, you’ll do well to think long and hard about what you’re doing. Given the current state of affairs, an API provider can bring your business to a grinding halt because of an arbitrary whim.”
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9 days ago by jonerp
Detroit's Right to Literacy Case and U.S. School Reform - The Atlantic
SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE. This should never happen: "What to do when a school is infested with vermin, when textbooks are outdated, when students can’t even read? Perhaps the answer is sue the government."
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11 days ago by emily
Uses This / Philipp Stollenmayer
Philipp Stollenmayer Mobile game designer (Okay?, Zip Zap, Pancake - The Game) Posted July 05, 2018Filed under: Who are you, and what do you do? My name is Philipp Stollenmayer, and I'm a mobile game designer. My most popular ones are Okay?, Zip Zap, and Pancake - The Game. via Pocket
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12 days ago by cristianconti

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