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Time After Time
Leonard’s mouth hangs open like a fish’s. Jim is giving him one of those uncomplicated Christmas morning smiles, and it’s a gift, for sure. It’s not the first time Jim has wrapped the universe up, handed it to him, and said, Do you like it?
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Uses This / ExitMothership
ExitMothership Illustrator, 2D artist Posted November 15, 2018Filed under: Who are you, and what do you do? My name is Julian Seifert and I'm a German freelance illustrator and 2D artist. I'm better known as ExitMothership, though, which is somewhat of a "brand" name for me. via Pocket
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tmrw! _ivorlane_ 's in #鬼鎮 THURS NOV 15 @ 6PM @ Gene Sis…
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#林 #愛真 aka Ei Jane Janet Lin is #金山 THURS NOV 15 in #鬼鎮 @ Chicago, Il…
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