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[1803.05316] Seven Sketches in Compositionality: An Invitation to Applied Category Theory
This book is an invitation to discover advanced topics in category theory through concrete, real-world examples. It aims to give a tour: a gentle, quick introduction to guide later exploration. The tour takes place over seven sketches, each pairing an evocative application, such as databases, electric circuits, or dynamical systems, with the exploration of a categorical structure, such as adjoint functors, enriched categories, or toposes.
No prior knowledge of category theory is assumed.
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A New Generation of Axial Flux EV Motors
article describing what axial flux motors are. This is the type of motor by Phi-Power (e.g. PH381/382), also Yasa company mentioned here. Advantage is that these motors can we relatively thin due to orientation of the stator and rotor magnetic fields.
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5 days ago by negril
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Semigroups are a simple functional concept which essentially allows us to take many objects and return a single object. It’s similar to reduce in that respect. The most basic implementation of a semigroup is: (A, A) -> A . via Pocket
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