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WtNV/Lovecraft: A Blinking Light up on the Mountains of Madness by tikistitch
Summary: 1930s-era AU (yes, really). Carlos, an impoverished graduate student attending Miskatonic University, joins an expedition to the Antarctic. But the explorers get more than they bargained for when they stumble upon a weird lost civilization, including a certain eccentric, caramel-voiced radio host.
Reccer's Notes: This is a really fun adventure story that is a much more pulp-y version of H. P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness. (It also actively pushes back against a lot of the more gross aspects of his work, which is great.)  fandom:lovecraft.(works)  pairing:carlos/cecil.palmer  length:20.000-40.000.words  creator:tikistitch  theme:historical.aus  theme:historical.settings  theme:au  theme:first.time  theme:canon.lgbtq.characters  theme:crossovers&fusions  reccer:an0ther_dreamer 
july 2018 by fancake
Marvel Comics: The Emperor's Fury by valtyr
Summary: Steve is an ex-gladiator. Tony wears a toga. Together, they litigate civil cases. Also a surprising amount of boating.
Reccer's Notes: Steve attempts to navigate the political intrigue of Rome in order to save his village and Tony helps/seduces him along the way. Clever plot, scorching sex and sweet relationship dynamics. Fantastic.
fandom:marvel.comics  pairing:janet.van.dyne/wanda.maximoff  length:20.000-40.000.words  creator:valtyr  theme:historical.aus  theme:historical.settings  theme:au  theme:first.time  reccer:an0ther_dreamer 
july 2018 by fancake
Marvel Comics: Breaker of Horses by Sineala
Summary: What do you do when the Roman Empire you were raised to love consigns you to the sands of the arena? Antonius is a prince of the Dacians, captured in war and sold as a gladiator. He yearns for his freedom. Stephanos -- the last living centaur -- is his fellow slave and trainer. Centuries old, disillusioned by a Rome that has become a shadow of itself, Stephanos has all but given up on life... until he meets Antonius, and both of their lives are forever changed.
Reccer's Notes: :D
fandom:marvel.comics  length:40.000-60.000.words  creator:sineala  theme:interspecies.pairings  theme:interspecies.stories  theme:au  theme:historical.aus  theme:mythical.creatures  theme:mythical.creatures:centaurs  reccer:imogeneherdman 
february 2018 by fancake
Rurouni Kenshin: Vaster Than Empires by Ayezur
Summary: Alternate Universe. The Western Army is defeated; the country stands, uneasy, under the hand of the Tokugawa. Kaoru Kamiya, whose family was on the losing side, has been sold into marriage for the sake of peace. Her new husband is a legend, a demon bound in human form, marked by his blood-lust and his bright red hair...
Reccer's Notes: To be honest I read this fic soo quickly I've retained very little of it, but I remember being absolutely floored by the quality, and wishing it were an original novel so I could chase down my non-fandom friends with it. Give it a shot if you're interested in a long, political story with lots of Japanese culture. It's a complete AU, so you don't need to be familiar with Rurouni Kenshin or the characters prior to reading :)
fandom:rurouni.kenshin  pairing:himura.kenshin/kamiya.kaoru  length:80.000&more.words  creator:ayezur  theme:amnesty  theme:small.fandoms  theme:au  theme:arranged.marriage  theme:plotty.fic  reccer:imogeneherdman 
august 2017 by fancake
The Sentinel: The Measure of Our Youth by mamadeb
Summary: It's 1969 and Blair, a Viet Nam vet who lost part of his leg in the war, is attending a lecture by a visiting professor. The subject: why the war is going so badly. Offended by the guy, who obviously has not seen combat, he challenges Dr James Ellison's assumptions.

But there's more to Jim than meets the eye, as Blair finds out when they continue their discussion afterwards. Blair might be the one in the wheelchair, but Jim's debilitating zones have kept him from leading a normal life for a decade.
Reccer's Notes: I like how she takes bits and pieces of canon and fits them where they need to be--sometimes with a twist--to keep things interesting and moving along. We get backstory on both. They even stumble across some baddies, and how they handle that reflects on their different experiences. Enjoy.
fandom:sentinel  pairing:blair.sandburg/jim.ellison  character:simon.banks  length:20.000-40.000.words  theme:disability  theme:au  theme:historical.aus  theme:first.time  reccer:magician113  creator:mamadeb.(debra_fran_baker) 
november 2015 by fancake
SPN: The Last Moonlight Serenade by gankyourdarlings
Summary: It's the night before 1945 and Honolulu is celebrating like flipping the calendar is all it'll take to end this thing and send everybody home. Makes for one hell of a party. But it's been a long war, getting longer, and Dean Winchester stopped pinning his hopes on anything a long time ago. Then, as the clock ticks down to the new year, he finds himself in the company of a grounded fighter pilot. All of the sudden, maybe there's something to look forward to.
Reccer's Notes: A really well-researched and extremely emotional WWII AU.
fandom:supernatural  pairing:castiel/dean.winchester  length:40.000-60.000.words  creator:gankyourdarlings  theme:amnesty  theme:au  theme:research  reccer:gekko11 
august 2015 by fancake
The Sentinel & Sherlock Holmes (movie/book): Notes of An American Curiosity by Mab
Summary: Sometime after the Reichenbach Falls incident, where Holmes is believed to have been killed, Sherlock has time on his hands. In this story, he travels to America, specifically New York City. He ends up in a scuffle and, through it, meets Blair. Unsurprisingly, Sherlock recognizes Blair's name as one that has been involved in some controversial publications about enhanced senses.

The time frame for SH is canon, but this is an historical AU for TS, and is a sequel of sorts to Mab's story Strewn Towards a Heaven , in which Jim is a Pinkerton agent. It's not necessary to read that story to understand this one, but feel free to enjoy it.
Reccer's Notes: TS fans tend to see sentinels everywhere, which explains the popularity of the sentinel/guide mythos in many other fandoms. But, really, sometimes it just seems obvious. In the Doyle books, Holmes does have keen observation powers. But some of what he does seems super-human, such as being able to identify any number of cigars by their ashes. I can easily see him being curious about sentinels because of his own sensory abilities. Couldn't you?

Originally written for the Help Haiti relief effort. Enjoy.
fandom:sentinel  fandom:sherlock.holmes.(movie/book)  pairing:blair.sandburg/jim.ellison  character:blair.sandburg  character:sherlock.holmes  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:mab  theme:au  theme:historical.aus  theme:crossovers&fusions  reccer:magician113 
february 2015 by fancake
The Sentinel: Universal Soldier by Elaine
Summary: This is a sequel to "Summer of Love", which was my previous recommendation. It's four years later; Blair is going to college and volunteering at a local homeless shelter/soup kitchen, where many of the clients are burnt-out Viet Nam veterans. Blair has just come back from an expedition and is delighted to see Jim at the shelter. Jim, however, doesn't acknowledge Blair, and Blair is afraid Jim is suffering from PTSD.

But trying to figure out where he now fits in Jim's life has to take a back seat. A serial killer is on the loose and targeting vets. Homicide Detective Simon Banks is assigned to the case, and wants to enlist Blair's help in solving it before the killer strikes again.
Reccer's Notes: Although their backgrounds and experiences have changed these men considerably from their canon selves, their cores are essentially the same. It's easy to root for them and hope they will make it through the rough times. Elaine did a nice job showing us what Simon would have been like as a detective, and as a black cop in the 70s. Enjoy.
fandom:sentinel  pairing:blair.sandburg/jim.ellison  character:simon.banks  length:20.000-40.000.words  creator:elaine  theme:au  theme:historical.aus  theme:established.relationship  theme:casefic  reccer:magician113 
february 2015 by fancake
The Sentinel: Summer of Love by Elaine
Summary: It's 1967, and news of the "summer of love" movement going on in San Francisco has reached all the way to Georgia, where Jim Ellison has just graduated college. He's already volunteered to join the Army, ahead of being drafted, and wants to spend a couple of weeks seeing what all the hoopla is about. As luck would have it, he runs into eighteen-year-old Blair, whose mom runs a hotel in the Haight-Ashbury area.
Reccer's Notes: It's hard to believe this time in our history, so vibrant and poignant, is already half a century ago. Elaine brought it back alive for me. Enjoy.

Note: Elaine recently wrote a sequel, Universal Soldier, which I'll write up in my next post.
fandom:sentinel  pairing:blair.sandburg/jim.ellison  length:10.000-20.000.words  creator:elaine  theme:au  theme:historical.aus  theme:first.time  reccer:magician113 
february 2015 by fancake
A Song of Ice and Fire: Empathy & Apathy
Summary: A Pride&Prejudice AU with Stannis as Darcy and Davos as Elizabeth.
Reccer's Notes: This fic is just so satisfying. It's just the right length and filled with just the right amount of sexual tension before things get plotty and marvelous. And while the Stannis/Davos is the main draw, there are some side bits that offer up unexpected treasures as well, such as the way the Stannis-Renly-Robert relationships are written, or Davos and Sal's friendship. And if nothing else, Darcy!Stannis is just so perfect it has to be seen to be believed!  fandom:game.of.thrones  fandom:pride.and.prejudice  pairing:davos.seaworthy/stannis.baratheon  pairing:loras.tyrell/renly.baratheon  length:80.000&more.words  creator:fortinbrasftw  theme:au  theme:historical.aus  theme:novel-length.fic  reccer:mirroreuler 
february 2015 by fancake
Hockey RPF: A Gentleman's Agreement by sailorstkwrning
Summary: Captain Jamie Benn (ret.) of the Horse Guards, gentleman farmer, agrees to take the disgraced Marquess of Brampton as his husband, in return for a hefty settlement. They're both surprised when their marriage of convenience blossoms into a romance.

Reccer's Notes: I love a good Regency AU, and this is a good Regency AU! It's of the type where it's unremarkable for two young gentlemen to get married, but it's got lovely period-typical detail, and carries along all the stifled under-communication that you'd expect from a couple who've been thrust together by finance and well-meaning acquaintances. The broad strokes of the plot echo Actual Tyler Seguin's struggles in Boston and trade to Dallas - briefly and with mixed levels of kindness towards the remaining Bruins - but it quickly settles into Tyler trying to make sense of his new (and possibly temporary!) married life in the country, and Jamie trying to make sense of Tyler.
fandom:hockey.rpf  pairing:jamie.benn/tyler.seguin  length:10.000-20.000.words  creator:sailorstkwrning  theme:au  theme:historical.aus  theme:marriage  theme:marriage.of.convenience  reccer:healingmirth 
february 2015 by fancake
Teen Wolf: A Desperate Arrangement by mikkimouse
Summary: "I'm sorry, I believe there's something wrong with my hearing," Stiles said. "Because I could have sworn you just told me you set up a betrothal agreement with the Hales. A betrothal agreement involving me. Me."

Scott smiled his easygoing smile and nodded, which told Stiles no, he hadn't misheard a damn thing.

After seven years of lengthy negotiations, the treaty between the Hales and the Argents has fallen apart and the two countries fell into war.

Months later, there's an uneasy truce, thanks to the intervention of King Scott McCall, but it won't last. In a desperate attempt to maintain the peace, the Hales sign a treaty with the McCalls to marry Prince Derek to Prince Stiles Stilinski, King Scott's brother.

In the history of the world, there have been many better ideas.
Reccer's Notes: Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! This fic does it for me in all the ways. Set aside a whole day and savor it.
fandom:teen.wolf  pairing:derek.hale/stiles.stilinski  length:80.000&more.words  creator:mikkimouse  theme:historical.aus  theme:au  theme:arranged.marriage  theme:marriage  theme:comfortfic  theme:novel-length.fic  reccer:jerakeen 
february 2015 by fancake
Classic Doctor Who: Business as Usual by JohnAmendAll
Summary: The Doctor, Jo and UNIT investigate a haunted house. Oh, and the year is 1793.
Reccer's Notes: You really can put UNIT anywhere in any time and they will still be UNIT. As this charming and entertaining adventure proves. I was particularly fond of the characterisation of Jo. She's wonderfully lighthearted and determined and sharp. Just as she should be.
fandom:doctor.who  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:jo.grant  character:the.brigadier  character:the.master  length:10.000-20.000.words  creator:johnamendall  theme:au  theme:historical.aus  theme:casefic  theme:female.characters  theme:science.fiction  reccer:turlough 
february 2015 by fancake
Game of Thones: I'll make you happy, baby, just wait and see
Margaery perches on the edge of the bed, licks her wet Revlon-red lips, and smiles. She turns her head and looks at Sansa for a moment with a soft expression.

“I’ll keep him away from you,” she promises, and bends to snap her garters back into place. Sansa sits against the headboard, watching her and hunting for words.
Reccer's Notes: This is a fic that manages to really well keep the spirit of the characters and their relationships, while also fitting them very well into the time period. Though it's short for the subject matter, it's appropriately concise and manages to communicate the emotions very well. The author has written many other amazing Game of Thrones fics, mostly femslash, that I would also highly recommend checking out!  fandom:game.of.thrones  pairing:margaery.tyrell/sansa.stark  length:01.000-5.000.words  theme:au  theme:historical.aus  theme:femslash  reccer:mirroreuler  creator:aomame.(heart_nouveau) 
february 2015 by fancake
DC Comics: Victory Bonds, by copperbadge
Summary: The year is 1947, and Daily Planet front-pagers Clark Kent and "Louis" Lane are about to get the story of their careers, courtesy of the fledgling Justice League: the enigmatic Superman, the spy-turned-vigilante codenamed Bat, intelligence agent and newly minted Green Lantern Alan Scott, and Ambassador Diana, Princess of Themyscira.
Reccer's Notes: It seems weird to rec a story for the category of "history AU" that takes place during the period the canon actually started; nevertheless, this is what that is. It's not a story set in Golden Age comics, it's a story asking what if Clark Kent and Jimmy were GIs and what would Lois Lane's career would look like when you actually deal with period sexism and what a guy like Bruce Wayne would have been doing during WWII (if he wasn't already Batman). And, as always, copperbadge does a marvelous job.
fandom:dc.universe  pairing:clark.kent/lois.lane  character:bruce.wayne.(batman)  length:20.000-40.000.words  theme:au  theme:historical.aus  theme:superpowers  theme:casefic  theme:secret.identity.reveal  theme:competence  reccer:beatrice_otter  creator:copperbadge.(sam_storyteller) 
february 2015 by fancake
Harry Potter: Of Muggles and Magic, by Aurette
Summary: A witch struggles to conform in a society that restricts her. A wizard thinks he has nothing to offer anyone but his duty and, ultimately, his life. An SS/HG Regency Tale. As AU as you get. M for later chapters.
Reccer's Notes: Sometimes, it is painfully obvious that the author of a Regency AU knows nothing about the Regency period in general and nothing about Regency Romance conventions in particular. This is not that fic. The author knows how to adapt both Hermione and Severus' backgrounds to their Regency equivalents, and how to use Regency romance tropes to their best effect. (Penniless ladies dependent on evil relations! Governesses! Scandal! Unexpected inheritances!) At the same time, Aurette also knows the Harry Potter universe, and has done an excellent job of extrapolating a late-Regency version of them. Aurette describes the fic as "an amalgamation of Jane Austen, Anne Bronte, Charles Dickens, and Elizabeth Gaskell, with a smidgeon of Wm. M Thackeray and a very healthy dose of J.K. Rowling." All in all, a wonderful fic that is one of the very best Regency AUs that I know.
fandom:harry.potter  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:severus.snape  character:hermione.granger  length:80.000&more.words  creator:aurette  theme:au  theme:novel-length.fic  theme:historical.aus  theme:courtship  theme:kidfic  theme:kidfic:has/  reccer:beatrice_otter 
february 2015 by fancake
Once Upon a Time: A Willow Before The Wind, by Fyre
Summary: When her village is threatened, Michiko finds that aid comes in an unexpected form. But there is a price to be paid.
Reccer's Notes: I almost didn't read this one the first time, because I know nothing about Japanese mythology. But I'm glad I did, because fyre has done their usual awesome job. Even in a very different setting and culture, Rumple and Belle are recognizably themselves. But they fit in, because fyre did the hard work of figuring out what a character with those traits would be like in a whole different cultural context. It works either as a Once Upon a Time fic or as an original fic on its own merits, which is true of many of the best historical AUs.
fandom:once.upon.a.time  pairing:belle/rumplestiltskin.(  length:40.000-60.000.words  creator:fyre  theme:au  theme:historical.aus  theme:mythical.creatures  theme:mythical.creatures:other  theme:characters.of.color  reccer:beatrice_otter 
february 2015 by fancake
Avengers/MCU: An Assembly Such As This, by lady_ragnell
Author's Summary:
In which Miss Antonia Stark finds herself sponsor and mentor of Miss Lucy Banner at the behest of the Fury, meets a mysterious American officer, and the fortunes of the brothers Odinson are discussed extensively.

A Regency romance AU.
Reccer's Notes:

Yet another excellent Regency AU, with bonus genderswitching! I especially like the translation of the characters into the time period (Tony as a slightly 'on the shelf' and very independent-minded lady of Society was perfect). A delightfully entertaining work!
fandom:marvel.cinematic.universe  pairing:bruce.banner/loki  pairing:jane.foster/thor  length:20.000-40.000.words  creator:lady_ragnell  theme:au  theme:historical.aus  reccer:eponymousanon 
february 2015 by fancake
CW RPF: Restraint by DarkEmeralds
Summary: The calling card said Tristan Jarrett, Viscount Penrith. Beneath that, in a lazy scrawl, was the addendum Mr Acklebury, be so good as to wait on me tomorrow, number 10, Half Moon Street. Yours, &c., Penrith. Mr Acklebury was not sure how he felt about being thus summarily commanded to paint his lordship's portrait.
Reccer's Notes: Meticulous, epic story of a Regency-era gay relationship over the course of the characters' lives. About as happy as you can expect, given the setting.
fandom:cw.rpf  pairing:jared.padalecki/jensen.ackles  length:80.000&more.words  creator:darkemeralds  theme:au  theme:historical.aus  reccer:giandujakiss 
february 2015 by fancake

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