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Nominet's new rules on .uk domains could mean the end to users' privacy | Technology | The Guardian
Nominet says that if you receive any compensation from your site, you're classed as a business and must have your home address made public
Nominet  Privacy  Security  WhoIs  Database  TheGuardian  WebDomains  UK 
23 days ago by dk33per
'I'm not sorry I said it': Erykah Badu on music, motherhood and wildly unpopular opinions | Music | The Guardian
The neo-soul star has sold millions, raised three kids and embodied wokeness before the word was even coined. But can her reputation survive January’s ‘I saw something good in Hitler’ comment?
ErykahBadu  TheGuardian  Interviews  MusicFeatures  Music  SoulMusic  RnBMusic  NeoSoul 
4 weeks ago by dk33per
Bishop Michael Curry's rousing royal wedding sermon – the full text | UK news | The Guardian
Here is the complete transcript for the Most Rev Michael Curry’s sermon at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
royalwedding  theguardian  uk  sermon  minister 
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