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WinAppDriver/Tools/UIRecorder at master · Microsoft/WinAppDriver
WIndows 10 only, but this seems to be an interesting GUI test automation tool.
windows  10  UI  automation  test  testing  tools  utilities  QA  programming  development 
14 hours ago by asteroza
Newsletters spam test by mail-tester.com
Check your newsletter's spam score and quality. This tool's free, and pretty
mail  test  tools  spam 
3 days ago by mirtma65
Automate your UI testing with Nightwatch
Although I feel like I'm repeating myself, automate **everything**. We're here to automate the processes and work of our clients. Why don't we do the same for our own stuff as well? This article quickly outlines how you can use Nightwatch.js for automating your UI testing.
nightwatch  ui  testing  test  tests  nodejs  js  selenium  firefox  chrome  headless  automated 
3 days ago by 44sunsets

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