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Are We Prepared for Nuclear Terrorism?
radiologic terrorism..detailed scenarios of intentional exposure of the public to ionizing radiation. Such an incident of any size would be a disaster, and the detonation of an improvised nuclear device would be catastrophic. The authors wisely note the importance of efforts to avoid these incidents and the need for education, prevention, preparedness, planning, and necessary resources.. futility in connection with medical readiness for a nuclear detonation..To paraphrase the words of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, plans may be worthless, but planning is essential. We now suggest: Hope for the best, plan for the worst, expect the unexpected.
nuclear  terrorism  disasters 
16 hours ago by thomas.kochi
My brother Martyn Hett died in the Manchester bombing — this is why I made a video game about it
“’c ya laterrrr’ was quite a wordy, very verbose, very detailed kind of thing, and I had a few people say, ‘well is a text-based game really a game’? Have you actually just written a piece of creative writing here?

“So The Loss Levels became almost a reaction to that. What if we take what an average man on the street thinks about when he talks about video games, which is 8-bit graphics and bleeps and bloops, and say, OK, can I express this narrative in a form that is already known to people?”
Dan Hett
“I think there’s always catharsis in creativity” – Loss Levels creator Dan Hett (Photo: Supplied)

The game takes four minutes to play and works as a series of 14 short traditional 8-bit video games, with various levels of interactivity involved.

So you have to steer the police car on the way to identifying the body. Or mash the buttons in order to keep up with all the messages flooding in on social media.

“The games sort of veer between steering things and tapping things and that’s a very very simplistic interaction,” notes Dan.

“However, it’s impossible to fail the game, so if you take your hands off it completely, it eventually goes back to the start, but if you do badly in the game, you can’t win or lose them, and that was a very intentional stylistic choice where if someone still doesn’t get the interface, then you’ll still get a meaningful end point to the game.
by:MatthewTurner  from:Independent  MartynHett  gaming  writing  terrorism  grief 
3 days ago by owenblacker
After the “almost 100 percent” Defeat of ISIS, What about its Ideology?
May 2018 Al Jazeera report
The narrative in the West is dominantly shaped by a short-sighted interpretation of the root causes of terrorism. After the fall of the Caliphate, the challenge now is how to defeat the organization, its ideology in Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere.
al_jazeera  isis  terrorism  ideology 
8 days ago by strohps
“I LEFT TO BE CLOSER TO ALLAH” Learning about Foreign Fighters from Family and Friends
May 2018 Institute for Strategic Dialogue report
This report calls on data from the largest collection of interviews with foreign fighters and those closest to them. It combines data from open-ended interviews with 43 parents, siblings, and friends of 30 men and women who travelled to Syria and Iraq. The findings and insights of this report examine two issues. Firstly, the report sheds light on the motivations of the thousands of foreign fighters who left their families, homes, and lives to fight for jihadist groups since the start of the Syrian civil war. Secondly, it provides insight into the difficulties which families of foreign fighters face when coming to terms with their loss. It examines common factors between foreign fighters, the process of radicalisation, and whether they had contact with their families once they made the hijrah (migration) to Syria.
isd  radicalization  terrorism 
8 days ago by strohps
Terrorism in the Indo-Pacific: Glocalism comes of age
May 2018 ASPI special report
This special report reviews and assesses potential terrorism hotspots in the Indo-Pacific region and offers some policy recommendations for the Australian Government.
aspi  terrorism  indo_pacific  australia 
8 days ago by strohps
Terrorists 'helped by CIA' to stop rise of left in Italy | World news | The Guardian
US intelligence services instigated and abetted rightwing terrorism in Italy during the 1970s, a former Italian secret service general has claimed.
The allegation was made by General Gianadelio Maletti, a former head of military counter-intelligence, at the trial last week of rightwing extremists accused of killing 16 people in the bombing of a Milan bank in 1969 - the first time such a charge has been made in a court of law by a senior Italian intelligence figure.
politics  history  terrorism  americana  cia 
12 days ago by kmt
America’s ‘War on Terror’ Has Cost Taxpayers $5.6 Trillion | The Nation
the Costs of War Project at Brown University’s Watson Institute published an estimate of the taxpayer dollars that will have gone into America’s War on Terror from September 12, 2001, through fiscal year 2018. That figure: a cool $5.6 trillion (including the future costs of caring for our war vets). On average, that’s at least $23,386 per taxpayer.

Keep in mind that such figures, however eye-popping, are only the dollar costs of our wars. They don’t, for instance, include the psychic costs to the Americans mangled in one way or another in those never-ending conflicts. They don’t include the costs to this country’s infrastructure, which has been crumbling while taxpayer dollars flow copiously and in a remarkably—in these years, almost uniquely—bipartisan fashion into what’s still laughably called “national security.”
war  terrorism  cost  taxes 
12 days ago by Quercki
Henry Siegman · The Two-State Solution: An Autopsy : An Autopsy · LRB 24 May 2018
According to this double standard, my people’s terrorism is sacred, but my neighbour’s terrorism is criminal.
israel  palestine  terrorism  war  occupation 
13 days ago by soobrosa
CIA Knew Torture Was Extorting Bad Intelligence — Kept Doing It Anyway - WhoWhatWhy
In February, we wrote about how Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged “mastermind” of the 9/11 attacks, has yet to stand trial — 17 years after the devastating attacks on the World Trade Center’s twin towers and the Pentagon.
The reason for the delay, Mohammed’s attorney David Nevin asserts, is the government’s desire to hide the details of the torture and rendition program his client and many others were subjected to in the early years of the “war on terror.”
After years of uncertainty on what to do with the alleged 9/11 conspirators, the Obama administration ultimately decided in 2011 to try Mohammed and four others in a military tribunal at the US Naval Station Guantánamo Bay. But the process has been fraught with apparent prosecutorial shenanigans that have only added to the delay. As we wrote in February...
CIA  gov2.0  politics  legal  terrorism 
15 days ago by rgl7194

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