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Part IV. What is the Threat to the United States Today?
Most U.S. attacks are carried out by individuals inspired by jihadism, but with no direct involvement from abroad.
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6 days ago by jeremydgreat
Brett Kavanaugh and the Information Terrorists Trying to Reshape America | WIRED 100718
BY Molly McKew: The network architecture built in Gamergate helped propel Trump to the presidency and fuel conspiracies like Pizzagate and QAnon. Now it’s backing Brett Kavanaugh. Read the full story
KTP  Trump  social_media  terrorism  cyber_security 
7 days ago by fulab
About Mosul Eye – Mosul Eye
This blog is set up to communicate the daily events in Mosul to the rest of the world, minute by minute by an independent Mosuli historian...during ISIS occupation
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8 days ago by Jibarosoy
Navigating Changing Currents
Sept. 2018 Centre for Military Studies (University of Copenhagen) report
Efforts aimed at stabilizing The Horn of Africa by combating maritime crime should be more flexible and focus on additional types of crime in a greater geographical area, if the efforts must have a significant effect.

Not only piracy and illegal fishery threaten the stability in the region surrounding The Horn of Africa. The effort against maritime crime has until now primarily focused on piracy. While this effort has contributed to a significant reduction on the amount of pirate attacks, it has also contributed to the fact that some criminal networks have shifted their activities from one type of maritime crime to another. In this way, piracy is lessened but this is not the instance for maritime crime viewed in a broader perspective – including activities such as smuggling operations of weapons and heroin. With regard to stability in the region, maritime crime is contributing to the growth of criminal networks and terror groups on land.
centre_for_military_studies  maritime  security  piracy  crime  terrorism 
24 days ago by strohps
Not Knowing What Else To Do, Woman Bakes American-Flag Cake
Mixing the cake and placing it in the oven shortly after 3 p.m., Pearson sat at the kitchen table and stared at the oven door until the timer rang 50 minutes later.
terrorism  satire  cooking  food  baking  usa 
4 weeks ago by pozorvlak
How Philosopher Paul Virilio (1932-2018) Spoke to an Age of Acceleration and Total War | Frieze
Modernity is war on ever increasing scales: expanding from the tactical to the strategic to the logistic. World War II was won not by generals but by quartermasters, by the ones who kept the biggest flows of boots and bullets and bodies moving toward the front.

Modernity is also war on more and more kinds of terrain. Warfare not only took to the air but to the airwaves. The modern world is a condition of generalized information warfare. Not only is architecture vulnerable to bombs, it proves defenseless against information, passing through the doors and walls of our homes, rearranging the space and time we imagine we live within.
war  information  philosophy  speech  theory  writing  nonfiction  wwii  terrorism  terror 
4 weeks ago by allaboutgeorge
Woman in 9/11 Photo Hires the Same Photog for Her Wedding 17 Years Later
After the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001, a dust-covered Joanne Capestro was photographed by street photographer Phil Penman as she stumbled away from Ground Zero. Fast forward 17 years, and Capestro recently had Penman photograph her again — this time for her wedding.
Capestro had been working as an assistant secretary on the 87th floor of the North Tower when the hijacked American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the skyscraper five or six floors above her. She then ran down 87 flights of stairs in 22 minutes and had barely stepped outside before the tower began to collapse.
And as she walked away from the dust-covered blocks surrounding Ground Zero, Penman noticed her and captured his now-famous photo.
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4 weeks ago by rgl7194

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