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Facebook agrees to clearer T&Cs in Europe | TechCrunch
Facebook has agreed to amend its terms and conditions under pressure from EU lawmakers. A Facebook spokesperson has confirmed the new T&Cs will be applied globally.

The new terms will make it plain that free access to its service is contingent on users’ data being used to profile them to target with ads, the European Commission said today.
facebook  EU  terms  regulation  consumerprotection 
7 days ago by corrickwales
JavaScript functions visualized
A JavaScript functions visualized example inspired by Wes Bos's tweet.
javascript  visualised  terms 
5 weeks ago by pmw57
elastic: significant terms aggregation queries
how to use the significant related term aggregation query in elastic
elastic  search  terms 
5 weeks ago by tswaterman
5 Commercial Terms to Address in Workday Negotiations
"In an ideal world, you could obtain a current and complete price list, but Workday keeps this close to the vest and will not readily provide an itemized price list. However, they have provided customers with some level of visibility into list prices, so it is worth pressing Workday to at least provide the list price for each product listed in their proposal.

Ambiguous price lists are common among vendors, but unlike many other ERP providers, Workday’s list prices can vary per product"
workday  commercial  terms  contract  negotiations  renewal  enterprise  agreements  it  sourcing  vendor  management  licensing  negotiation 
6 weeks ago by jonerp

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