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zsh-git-prompt: [Active Fork]
Better maintained fork than the original
15 hours ago by adamwalter
itchyny/mkrg: Mackerel graph viewer in terminal
Mackerel graph viewer in terminal. Contribute to itchyny/mkrg development by creating an account on GitHub.
golang  terminal  graphs 
19 hours ago by geetarista
GitHub - withoutboats/notty: A new kind of terminal
A new kind of terminal. Contribute to withoutboats/notty development by creating an account on GitHub.
advanced  terminal  emulator  cli  console  unix  opensource  floss  rust  programming 
2 days ago by gilberto5757
Eugeny/terminus: A terminal for a more modern age
A terminal for a more modern age. Contribute to Eugeny/terminus development by creating an account on GitHub.
terminal  electron 
2 days ago by reorx
astefanutti/kubebox: ⎈❏ Terminal console for Kubernetes clusters
⎈❏ Terminal console for Kubernetes clusters. Contribute to astefanutti/kubebox development by creating an account on GitHub.
terminal  kubernetes  console  javascript 
2 days ago by geetarista
10 essential OS X command-line tips for power users | InfoWorld
Believe it or not, the Mac GUI can't do everything -- or at least not as quickly or powerfully as these command-line utilities
cli  terminal  tips 
2 days ago by K-T
gpic Manual
This manual page describes the GNU version of pic, which is part of the groff document formatting system. pic compiles descriptions of pic- tures embedded within troff or TeX input files into commands that are understood by TeX or troff. Each picture starts with a line beginning with .PS and ends with a line beginning with .PE. Anything outside of .PS and .PE is passed through without change. It is the user's responsibility to provide appropriate definitions of the PS and PE macros. When the macro package being used does not sup- ply such definitions (for example, old versions of -ms), appropriate definitions can be obtained with -mpic: These will center each picture.
pictures  diagram  graph  terminal  documentation 
2 days ago by dusko
[Groff] Perspective in Pic
[Groff] Perspective in Pic

Ted Harding Mon, 16 Oct 2006 16:48:32 -0700

Hi Folks,

A little project I just completed prompts me to
raise a question which may be worth discussing.

Tha background is that I've been making an
indexed catalogue of some 200+ papers (journal
articles and similar documents) for a friend of
mine. These were passed to me in a cardboard box.

Using groff, of course ...

To round it off, I set about making a suitable
title page, done in pic.

Here is the pic code in a groff wrapper -- run it
and you'll see what I'm leading up to. Put it in
file "index.tr", say. (There's some redundancy
in the code, because of how I built it up, but
I haven't yet got round to eliminating that.)
diagram  graph  terminal  documentation 
2 days ago by dusko

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