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Free Design Resources | Inside Design Blog
Some of our favorite icons, design kits, apps, and resources to put to use as you bring your prototypes to life.
resources  sketch  templates  collection 
23 hours ago by npostulart
Blue Template
A free HTML landing page for startups
websites  templates 
2 days ago by mycotn
IOS Mobile App Templates from CodeCanyon
Get 1,838 iOS mobile app templates on CodeCanyon. Buy iOS mobile app templates from $5. All from our global community of web developers.
ios  mobile  app  templates 
4 days ago by fareed
... makes spiffy HTML5 site templates
templates  html  CSS 
4 days ago by rainbowunicorn
Humaaans — Mix-&-Match illustration library
Ещё один шаблон для создания иллюстраций в духе Slack. Повышенный спрос приводит к однообразности, хотя это делает иллюстрации доступнее для большего количества компаний.
design  illustrations  gallery  templates 
4 days ago by jvetrau
✨ Awesome - A curated list of amazing Bootstrap tools and themes. - therebelrobot/
github  bootstrap  templates 
5 days ago by LaptopHeaven
Using Underscore.js Templates To Render HTML Partials
Ben Nadel looks at using Underscore.js' template() method to render client-side HTML partials.
Backbone  JavaScript  Underscore  templates  tutorial 
7 days ago by mAAdhaTTah
Templatemaker.nl ✂︎ Free custom packaging and papercraft templates
Free, custom sized templates for boxes and many other things that can be made out of paper. Download an endless amount of printables as SVG, PDF or DXF.
box  boxes  custom  diecuts  dielines  free  glowforge  maker  models  net  origami  packaging  paper  papercraft  printables  svg  template  templates 
7 days ago by L0bit0
Announcing the Vendor GUI pack – Designing Atlassian – Medium
Sketch-шаблон Atlassian для сторонних разработчиков
design_system  sketch_app  templates 
7 days ago by gevorg

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