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Double-negative-index ceramic aerogels for thermal superinsulation | Science
Weird boron nitride aerogel. Good repeatable crush resistance and extreme temperature swing fracture resistance. Weird in that slightly squeezing it in one direction causes it to compact orthogonally.
ceramic  boron  nitride  aerogel  fracture  temperature  cycling  resistance  materials  science  research  technology 
yesterday by asteroza
… controls the fans of every Intel Mac to make it run cooler.

smcFanControl lets the user set the minimum speed of the build in fans. So you can increase your minimum fan speed to make your Intel Mac run cooler. However in order not to damage your machines smcFanControl doesn't let you set a minimum speed to a value below Apple's defaults.
macos  fan  control  temperature  monitoring  imac  software 
23 days ago by blumenberg
Macs Fan Control
Control fans on Apple computers

- Real-time monitoring of fan speeds and temperatures
- Solve noise problems such as those caused by iMac HDD replacement
- Solve overheating problems like those found on a MacBook Pro
macos  fan  control  temperature  monitoring  imac  software 
23 days ago by blumenberg
On whether it's proper to call a temperature, for example "negative 8 degrees,” | Associated Press Stylebook
// Question
“Hi, I don’t see a definitive answer on whether it’s proper to call a temperature, for example ‘negative 8 degrees,’ or refer to temperatures below zero as ‘in the negative digits.’ The temperature entry gives examples of temperatures ‘below zero’ or ‘minus,’ but doesn’t say anything about whether it makes sense to call such temperatures ‘negative.’ It seems to me it doesn’t, but wanted to get a ruling on it.”

// Answer
“It’s minus 8 degrees. Temperatures may be below zero, subzero, 15 degrees below zero or minus 15. But references to negative degrees or negative digits aren’t used in AP weather reports.”
apstylebook  negative  minus  2019  temperature 
25 days ago by handcoding
Pocket: Using the LM335 Temperature Sensor
When you find something you want to view later, put it in Pocket.
Temperature  sensor  LM335  usage 
26 days ago by arnoldn

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