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watch ing Star Wars in Postgres
If you've ever wanted to watch movies from directly within Postgres, here is your guide. In his conference talk from Keep Ruby Weird, Citus database engineer Will Leinweber walks us through how he was able to watch Star Wars directly in Postgres.
starwars  postgresql  telnet  animation  text  asciiartt  playing 
17 days ago by gilberto5757
Workaround for my missing battery charger, thanks to ’s Arduino Späti at
telnet  36c3  from twitter
december 2019 by mpasternacki
macOS has a much better tool than telnet for testing remote server connectivity | Igor Kromin
When macOS High Sierra (10.13) was released, the telnet utility disappeared. This has probably been a good move by Apple since telnet is outdated and not a secure protocol; it shouldn't be used in general. However, telnet did serve a useful function - checking if it was possible to connect to a remote server on a particular port. Luckily there is a much better tool for this included in macOS - nc (netcat).
OSX  telnet  Terminal 
december 2019 by colcustard
scandum/mth: MTH (Mud Telopt Handler) server side TELNET implementation
MTH (Mud Telopt Handler) server side TELNET implementation - scandum/mth
telnet  mud  code  clang 
november 2019 by lostsnow

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