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CES 2019: A Show Report – Learning By Shipping
And this year’s winner for both low-tech and low-brow. Yes this is a rubber band for your TV so you don’t have to see chyrons.
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january 2019 by libbymiller
The only Brexit chart you need to see | FT Alphaville
Here’s a choice: you can either have £2 or a nice pen — which do you want? The pen? Oh wait, or you could have two cheaper pens, if you prefer. Does that change your decision?

Alphaville guesses that you don't particularly care either way, and are now feeling faintly irritated by the question.

That's because the offer of cash or a pen is an example used by psychologist Barry Schwartz to demonstrate what happens when people are given too much choice. When asked to make a decision about something you don’t particularly care about, choosing becomes a chore, not a pleasure.

It’s not just about the occasional offer of a pen. Our over-consuming, media-saturated lives involve a surfeit of decision-making opportunities every day. Sometimes you just want someone else to take the responsibility out of your hands,
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december 2018 by libbymiller

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