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Military Communications Satellite
Report with detailed information on every military comms satellite up to 1984
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19 days ago by jcrawfordor
Complaint, United States of America v. The Hinton Telephone Company of Hinton, Oklahoma, Inc, No. 5:18-cv-00647 (W.D. Okla. Jul 3, 2018)
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4 weeks ago by tjwds
What industry has the highest revenue per employee? | Hacker News

Telecomms do this for laying new wires/fiber too. They subcontract most all of the lashing, digging, and boring and the pulling of actual fiber lines, leaving the ends loose, and only then use their own employees to go out and actually splice them into the previous lines or into an active network. The connections at the end are quick and easy with little liability risks, unlike climbing electric or telephone poles, trimming trees near aerial cables, going into underground utility tu...
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5 weeks ago by hellsten

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