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TMT Predictions 2019 | Deloitte Insights
The Technology, Media and Entertainment, and Technology ecosystem continues to evolve and is still as fascinating as ever looking ahead to 2019. Will eSports become the next phenomenon? How will cloud-based AI affect the enterprise? What does the future hold for smart speakers?

We are pleased to launch the 2019 TMT Predictions collection - designed to provide insight into the top trends and transformative technologies that will impact the way we live and work over the next one to five years.
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just now by parisd
Netheads vs Bellheads | WIRED
The most vicious battle on the Net today is a secret war between techies. At stake is nothing less than the organization of cyberspace.
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17 days ago by dilacerate
How a Phone Glitch Sparked a Teenage Riot
"When kids turned a state-owned telecom system into a proto-Internet, police cracked down with brutal force"
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26 days ago by grahams
Crossed lines in the boardroom - Bartleby
The inside tale of how Nokia lost a market it dominated
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5 weeks ago by soobrosa

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