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Welcome to the PhotoForum List's FAQ files
PhotoForum's File of Answers to Frequently Asked Photo Questions At this time there are thirty one files for distribution. Authorship of most information is included but sometimes material arrived to this group stripped of original author's name. If this is the case with one of your contributions to cyberspace we apologize and ask that you allow us to distribute your piece with your by-line attached. The contents of these thirty one FAQ files available are described below. Selecting the major topic number associated with each section gets you to the webpage that contains that section.
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6 hours ago by insertrealname
Photography Articles by Professor Andreew Davidhazy and friends
Articles by colleagues as well as a few other contributors

This is an eclectic repository of articles written by Prof. Andrew Davidhazy but accompanied by a few recent as well as "vintage" articles written by some of his friends. They range from topics on infrared photography, ultraviolet, high speed, synchroballistic, panoramic, special effects, peripheral, schlieren, photofinish, and many other topics.
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6 hours ago by insertrealname
Internet of Things Platforms: Microsoft Azure vs. Google Cloud Platform vs. Amazon Web Services
"Far in the lead in the cloud computing race is Amazon Web Services, Amazon’s own cloud offering. Among its main features are infrastructure as a service, cloud storage solutions, database system management, application and content migration, developer tools that make development faster, as well as machine learning capabilities. IoT-targeted features are available through the AWS IoT platform."
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8 hours ago by jonerp
AI: the Ziggy Stardust Syndrome | ROUGH TYPE
The idea of a jackbooted superintelligent borg bent on imperialistic conquest has always left me cold. It seems an expression of anthropomorphic thinking: an AI would act like us. Wilczek’s vision is much more appealing. There’s a real poignancy — and, to me at least, a strange hopefulness — to the idea that the ultimate intelligence would also be the ultimate introvert, drawn ever further into the intricacies of its own mind. What would an AI think about? It would think about its own thoughts. It would be a pinprick of pure philosophy. It would, in the end, be the size of an idea.
techforhistorians  Technology 
9 hours ago by wtokie
Creating a single pane of glass for your multi-cloud Kubernetes workloads with Cloudflare
Creating a single pane of glass for your multi-cloud Kubernetes workloads with Cloudflare
cloudflare  technology 
11 hours ago by slogger
What can a technologist do about climate change? A personal view.
“How do you think the tech community (startup community, or any community) can contribute to tech and/or policy solutions on a global scale?”

The notes below are my attempt to answer that question.
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11 hours ago by lidel

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