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How Disney Built Star Wars, in real life
“You’re on a busy construction site, there’s lots of people around. There’s some people pouring hardscape concrete, all dirty and all their tools and their stamping. Then all of a sudden, one of them just jumps on this little trolley and someone else pulls them through the concrete, leaves a little trail of droid tracks.”
disney  disneyland  imagineering  article  TechCrunch 
6 weeks ago by NightOwlCity
Facebook won’t let you opt out of its phone number ‘look up’ setting | TechCrunch
Users are complaining that the phone number Facebook hassled them to use to secure their account with two-factor authentication has also been associated with their user profile — which anyone can use to “look up” their profile.
facebook  privacy  beware  article  techcrunch 
6 weeks ago by aeng
Nike’s auto-laced future | TechCrunch
Nike's Adapt BB shoe has utility for pros, but is also a lens into a connected future
nike  Innovation  techcrunch 
january 2019 by jorgebarba
These psychedelic stickers blow AI minds | TechCrunch
Machine learning systems are very capable, but they aren't exactly smart. They lack common sense. Taking advantage of that fact, researchers have created a wonderful attack on image recognition systems that uses specially printed stickers that are so interesting to the AI that it completely fails t…
Technology  semensperms  Techcrunch 
december 2018 by thx1138

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