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Tech job growth is shifting from cities to metro regions and the suburban periphery - City Journal
If one looks at data, not press releases, a more nuanced picture emerges, with much of the fastest growth—including in tech—shifting dramatically not to the elite, dense urban centers but to more sprawling regions and the suburban periphery.
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1 hour ago by areadevelopment
How to Create a Cool Cut-Out Text Effect in Illustrator
In the following steps, you will learn how to create a cool cut-out text effect in Adobe Illustrator. For starters, you will learn how to set up a simple grid. Using a simple rectangle and the Transform effect, you will learn how to create an LGBT pride rainbow background.
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1 hour ago by williger
Surveillance capitalism
A thoughtful take on where we are with advertising and behavioral targeting in tech companies like Google and Facebook
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4 hours ago by nelson
How to Quickly Make a Brochure In Microsoft Word Using a Template
Don't be overwhelmed by the task of creating a brochure to promote your business. You can quickly and easily create a professional brochure in Microsoft Word using templates.
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4 hours ago by williger
Your Sweat Will See You Now - The New York Times
A new device — wearable, wireless and battery free — improves the ability to monitor and diagnose health problems by analyzing the sweat on your skin.
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4 hours ago by noiseguy
Web Design & Development News: Collective #485 | Codrops
Automatically detect JS errors impacting your users. Get comprehensive diagnostic reports, know instantly which errors are worth fixing, & debug in minutes.
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5 hours ago by williger
10 Examples of High-End Artwork Created with Code
They say that code is poetry. While that may be the case, code can also be used as a building block for other artforms as well. Combining code with more traditional artistic talents can result in something spectacular to behold.
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9 hours ago by williger
What Constant Surveillance Does to Your Brain - Motherboard
As technology and machine learning continue to advance, we’re integrating surveillance into our daily lives at an increasing rate, and the level of surveillance is becoming more sophisticated. It’s easy to overlook all the ways we’re being tracked, but as soon as you start to quantify it, it quickly becomes unsettling. And it may make you wonder: what effect does being watched all the time have on your behavior—and your brain? Turns out, it can be just as mentally taxing as mental disorders like depression, and can even cause symptoms similar to post-traumatic stress disorder.
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9 hours ago by Weaverbird
26 CSS Contact Form Design Examples | Web & Graphic Design | Bashooka
So if you are looking for inspiration and quick solution to create CSS contact form for your site, here are 26 CSS Contact Form Design Examples.
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12 hours ago by williger

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