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Driving design system adoption (UX Collective)
Maya King из REI рассказывает о построении команды дизайн-системы Cedar и выпуске её новой версии. Она показала процесс работы над компонентом и идеальный сценарий внедрения в продуктовую команду. Кстати, их консультировал Nathan Curtis.
UX  design+systems  teams  management  case  issue  adoption 
3 days ago by jvetrau
Design Your Team (Dropbox Design)
Jennifer Brook из Dropbox опубликовала небольшой фреймворк по определению общих ценностей дизайн-команды. Скачать инструкцию ( и карточки (
UX  teams  management  culture  issue  framework 
6 days ago by jvetrau
More than coders
Lately, the compiler team has been changing up the way that we work. Our goal is to make it easier for people to track what we are doing and – hopefully – ge...
process  management  teams 
6 days ago by nanoxd
Sprout Social Design — Seek Simple (Medium)
Блог дизайн-команды Sprout Social.
UX  company  teams  blogs  articles 
8 days ago by jvetrau
Rage Against the Codebase: Programmers and Negativity
Negativity plays an important role in programming. It’s embedded into our culture at various levels as a way to share learnings and war stories
9 days ago by pks
IceWarp Cloud Pricing
Clear pricing with no hidden fees. The more you use, the cheaper it is.
email  hosting  team  teams 
11 days ago by iaeon
Using 6 Page and 2 Page Documents To Make Organizational Decisions
Ian Nowland has written up the Amazon 6-pager strategy:
A challenge of organizations is the aggregation of local information to a point where a globally optimal decision can be made in a way all stakeholders have seen their feedback heard and so can “disagree and commit" on the result. This document describes the “6 pager” and “2 pager” document and review meeting process, as a mechanism to address this challenge, as practiced by the document’s author in his time in the EC2 team at Amazon, and then at Two Sigma.

[...] The major variant I have also seen is 2 pages with 30 minute review; when the decision is smaller in terms of stakeholders, options or impact. That being said, there is nothing magical about 2 pages, i.e., a 3 page document is fine, it just should be expected to take more than 30 minutes to review.
amazon  business  decisions  teams  documents  planning 
13 days ago by jm
UX-стратегия. Часть 5 — Дизайн с выхлопом - Юрий Ветров об интерфейсах
как организоваться по работе надо продуктом (ценность бизнесу)
- как найти проблемы продукта
- понять решения
- оценить что проблема решена
metrics  ux  Strategy  teams  KPI  jobs-to-be-done 
13 days ago by akimkin

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