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The Road to QUIC
Another interesting case related to software evolution. Why are existing systems so complicated? Because to get adoption, we have to build on top of existing systems and work within existing ecosystems (like the many network appliances between you and the computer you're talking to).

In order to deliver on its promises, the QUIC protocol needs to break some of the assumptions that were taken for granted by many network applications, potentially making implementations and deployment of QUIC more difficult.

QUIC is designed to be delivered on top of UDP datagrams, to ease deployment and avoid problems coming from network appliances that drop packets from unknown protocols, since most appliances already support UDP. This also allows QUIC implementations to live in user-space, so that, for example, browsers will be able to implement new protocol features and ship them to their users without having to wait for operating systems updates.

However despite the intended goal of avoiding breakage, it also makes preventing abuse and correctly routing packets to the correct end-points more challenging.
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yesterday by jefframnani
Deadlines, lies and videotape: The tale of a gRPC bug
HostedGraphite decided to use gRPC as an internal inter-service protocol and ran into a basic protocol bug -- it does not default to using an application-level keepalive on the TCP channel so can block indefinitely if sending-side buffers fill up. Always use application-level keepalives and don't trust TCP
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6 days ago by jm
Errata Security: TCP/IP, Sockets, and SIGPIPE
There is a spectre haunting the Internet -- the spectre of SIGPIPE errors. It's a bug in the original design of Unix networking from 1981 that is perpetuated by college textbooks, which teach students to ignore it. As a consequence, sometimes software unexpectedly crashes. This is particularly acute on industrial and medical networks, where security professionals can't run port/security scans for fear of crashing critical devices.
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21 days ago by whip_lash

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