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How to Think About the Costs of Climate Change
“Whether it’s jobs, consumption patterns or residential patterns, if things are changing so fast that we can’t adapt to them, that will be very, very costly,” Mr. Nordhaus said. “We know we can adapt to slow changes. Rapid changes are the ones that would be most damaging and painful.”
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Ireland equivalent for Vanguard index funds : eupersonalfinance
Bear in mind the 41% tax rate. Invest through your pension plan first.


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Cap Gains is 33%, no?


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Only in OECD, non UCITS etfs. US etfs for example, but you cannot access these as a retail investor, for now at least.
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LeapIN – Start and run your micro business
LeapIN is a solution to start and remotely run your location independent company online, in Estonia / Europe. Powered by Estonian e-Residency.
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s 70 percent tax plan has this American philosopher to thank.
plan can trace its intellectual lineage to John Rawls, the giant of American political philosophy. His 1971 classic, A Theory of Justice, defends a vision of liberal society that still appeals to most Americans: equal rights, a market economy, and a welfare state.

Central to Rawls’ philosophy is a defense of inequality. If people are born free and equal, why would we agree to live in an unequal society? His answer is that we can all do better if we allow some inequality. It’s OK that business owners earn more than others—but only because the financial reward acts as an incentive for entrepreneurs to create jobs and produce goods that improve the lives of the less well-off.

In other words: A rising tide is just, as long as it lifts all boats.
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