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Stumbling and Mumbling: The Tyranny of Metrics: a review
The belief that people and organizations can be managed and controlled by simple measures imposed from above is one of the main foundations of bosses’ claim to power.
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8 weeks ago by libbymiller
Stumbling and Mumbling: Ronnie O'Sullivan & the limits of incentives
 - They can encourage a tunnel vision and so reduce (pdf) creativity. As Pink says:

Rewards, by their very nature, narrow our focus… Rewarded subjects often have a harder time seeing the periphery and crafting original solutions. (Drive p44-46)
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Para la Generación Z, la experiencia digital es la experiencia humana | Adlatina
Hoy, los marketers sólo tienen siete segundos para llamar la atención de la Gen Z antes de que estos se muevan a otro lugar; con los millennials, el tiempo es de 12 segundos.
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