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Scrape with a razor blade to take out any deep scratches or gouges. Keep in mind that if you have really deep gouges you will begin to noticeably alter the shape of the part if you scrape too much. So you have to have a pretty decent part or it's not worth it. Also use new blades. Then I used 320/400/500/600 and 1000 grit wet or dry sandpaper WET. Gotta use lots of water.You have to do way more with each grit than you'd think. If you are not thorough with each grit when you buff it you wind up starting all over again with the first grit (frustrating). Then used a buff pad on a sanding machine with NO compound..low rpm and very little pressure.

Good question. I didn't. And I sand surfboards for a living lol. Went back and forth about 4 times starting over with the 320. Now I know how much it takes. If you dry it off between each grit and look closely you'll see if the grit you're using got out the scratches from the last grit.
tank  plastic_tank  motorcycle  restoration 
23 days ago by oog
Tax on Suffolk County septic grant seen as 'deterrent' to program - Suffolk Times
Suffolk County’s Septic Improvement Program awards grants of up to $11,000 to offset the expense of installing advanced new wastewater treatment systems to replace older cesspools and dramatically improve the quality of groundwater.

Recipients of those grants have been informed by County Comptroller John Kennedy’s office that they must pay federal taxes on the value of the grant money.
water  suffolk_county  cesspool  septic_tank  wastewater  tax  tank  grant  politics 
4 weeks ago by javagar
Sphero RVR – The go anywhere, do anything programmable robot by Sphero — Kickstarter
Sphero is raising funds for Sphero RVR – The go anywhere, do anything programmable robot on Kickstarter!

Drive, program, and customize out of the box. Make, build, and expand with 3rd party hardware.
robot  sphero  maker  tank 
9 weeks ago by phatblat
Russia Is Running Low on World War II Soviet Tanks. It Found Help in Laos. - The New York Times
Too good. Putin does so many GPW parades Russia is combing the world for running T-34s.
t34  tank  putin  russia  kitsch 
january 2019 by yorksranter
Forums - Steelbeasts.com
User forums for the Steel Beast Tank Sim
"Steel  Beast"  Tank  sims 
january 2019 by clmccomas

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