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We agree wholeheartedly should be able to use their & for the betterment of themselve…
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Over 1,400 Wannabe Stars in Training at Talent Mills - The Chosun Ilbo (English Edition): Daily News from Korea - Entertainment > Entertainment
No fewer than 1,440 hopefuls are in grueling training at talent mills in Korea, and the vast majority want to be pop singers, according to a study by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism out on Tuesday.

More boys at 750 than girls endure the punishing regime, three younger than nine and one-third not bound by any contractual agreements.

The number of wannabe stars has, if anything, increased in recent years due to the popularity of talent shows on cable channels like Mnet. Since a similar study in 2015, their numbers have swelled by 240.

Only 775 are adults over 19, but 529 are between 16 and 18 and 118 between 13 and 15. It is the late-teens bracket that has increased the most.

Talent mills spend W1.18 million a month per trainee, with more than half of the amount, or W782,000, being spent on foreign language and deportment lessons rather than singing and dance skills.

Many talent agencies place importance on "character-building" so their charges can seem perpetually bland in the face of the media onslaught that awaits them in the unlikely event that they become famous.

The ministry estimates the monthly earnings of top-rated teen idols at W40 million.

The Korean culture and arts industry generated W5.37 trillion in revenues last year, up W861.6 billion from the previous study. The main reasons behind the increase are more players entering the market and higher earnings for the 14 listed talent agencies.

The total number of working actors, singers, comedians and models stood at 8,059, up 732 from the previous study, but on average they earned just W1.83 million a month, down W20,000.

Some 34.8 percent earned less than W1 million a month, while 35.9 percent said they had other jobs. Production staff fared much better with average monthly salaries at W2.16 million, though 23.5 percent said they have sometimes not been paid on time.
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january 2018 by thegrandnarrative
is recruiting over 1,500 new to support its . Read our blog article to find out more and…
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december 2017 by tguemes
How your company can win the war for tech talent by hiring nontraditional employees - TechRepublic
This is very interesting. Bring in people with diversity of talents and skills. That's got to be great for innovation.

"Yeshe Wingerd, a front end developer for IBM Cloud in San Francisco, studied flamenco guitar in college, and later worked as a winemaker."
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june 2017 by ids
Essentially, these girls are amateurs. They belong to the all-female performance group SNH48, founded in Shanghai in 2012 as the sister act to Japan’s AKB48. In fact, much of China’s yangchengxi culture and business model takes cues from Japan and AKB48 producer Yasushi Akimoto. But the Shanghai scene is no small-time copycat. SNH48 — who declined to be interviewed for this story — have launched offshoot groups GNZ48 and BEZ48 in Guangzhou and Beijing, respectively — a move that irked the group’s Japanese counterpart and led to a rupture of the sibling relationship in June of this year...

Key to sustaining the popularity — and, therefore, profitability — of yangchengxi is a dynamic social media world where fans gather to comment, criticize, and encourage their idols. The central appeal of the idols, fans say, is not the young girls’ dazzling performances. Instead, it’s their journey to achieving their dreams.

“Average looks, average figures, average dancing and singing skills — these girls have nothing to be admired except diligence,” said Huang, who has been a fan for two years. When he first started going to the Star Dream Theater, audiences were 90 percent male. Today, women make up about 30 to 40 percent.
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october 2016 by thegrandnarrative

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