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After acquisition, Pinboard will shutter social bookmarking site Delicious
After changing hands five times since it was founded in 2003, social bookmarking site Delicious has reached its end. Last week, rival company Pinboard announced that it had acquired the beleaguered...
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5 weeks ago by krannon
Shirky: Ontology is Overrated -- Categories, Links, and Tags
Today I want to talk about categorization, and I want to convince you that a lot of what we think we know about categorization is wrong. In particular, I want to convince you that many of the ways we're attempting to apply categorization to the electronic world are actually a bad fit, because we've adopted habits of mind that are left over from earlier strategies.

I also want to convince you that what we're seeing when we see the Web is actually a radical break with previous categorization strategies, rather than an extension of them. The second part of the talk is more speculative, because it is often the case that old systems get broken before people know what's going to take their place. (Anyone watching the music industry can see this at work today.) That's what I think is happening with categorization.
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8 weeks ago by euler
Scratching the Surface — 104. Cab Broskoski and Chris Sherron
"Cab Broskoski and Chris Sherron are two of the founders of Are.na, a knowledge sharing platform that combines the creative back-and-forth of social media with the focus of a productivity tool. Before working on Arena, Cab was a digital artist and Chris a graphic designer and in this episode, they talk about their desire for a new type of bookmarking tool and building a platform for collaborative, interdisciplinary research as well as larger questions around open source tools, research as artistic practice, and subverting the norms of social media."

[direct link to audio:
https://soundcloud.com/scratchingthesurfacefm/104-cab-broskoski-and-chris-sherron ]
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9 weeks ago by robertogreco
TagSpaces - Your offline file manager
Your offline file manager
TagSpaces is an offline, open source, data manager.
It helps you to browse and organize your files.
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10 weeks ago by euler

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