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Digital epaper notetaking tablet
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7 days ago by devnall
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Paper-like writing surface tablet. Converts handwriting to text. Syncs with phones and computers. $499 - 2020-02-13
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7 days ago by wellsa
Fax on the beach: The story of the audacious, totally calamitous iPad of the '90s
“Literally, that device did what my third-grade teacher could not make me learn: how to write clearly,” Meinel says. “My penmanship improved like 1,000 percent when I was using the EO.” // wait it had a CPU developed at AT&T Shannon Labs? Wut
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9 days ago by yorksranter
CutiePi tablet - Your Raspberry Pi Projects, Untethered
CutiePi is an all-in-one Raspberry Pi tablet. Liberate your Pi project from the desk, and start creating wherever the idea strikes.
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16 days ago by jhsu
Worldwide tablet shipments continue to decline in Q4 2019 • IDC
<p>The worldwide tablet market declined 0.6% year over year during the fourth quarter of 2019 (4Q19) as global shipments fell to 43.5 million units, according to preliminary data from the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker. For the full year 2019, the tablet market shrank 1.5% year over year as global shipments totaled 144 million units.

Apple maintained its lead in the holiday quarter, growing 22.7% year over year. The new iPad launched last quarter accounted for nearly 65% of their shipments and helped the company gain share to 36.5% compared to 29.6% last year. As the company's product portfolio is moving more towards detachables, slate tablet shipments have been at an all-time low with a 79.3% decline.</p>

Fourth quarter is 30% of the year; Christmas is big. Notable is that Amazon slipped by nearly a third; the market for Amazon Fire tablets must be completely saturated. And it's still Apple twice as big as Samsung, which is twice as big (nearly) as Huawei and Amazon and Lenovo. Beyond that, there's a few "others" who have 25% of the market (and probably near-zero profit), about the same as in the PC market.
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18 days ago by charlesarthur

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