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Let’s take a crack at understanding distributed “consensus”
Do you know how distributed systems work? It can be a tough topic to learn about, mainly because the knowledge surrounding it is distributed… Don’t worry, I’m well aware of the irony. While… via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  blockchain  consensus  distributed  system 
2 days ago by ChristopherA
Upgrading the Database - Dynamics NAV | Microsoft Docs
This article describes the tasks required for upgrading from the earlier versions of database to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018.
microsoft  system  2018  symbols  nav  applications  dynamics 
2 days ago by janhoek
How Linux allows TCP introspection | OpsTips
The inner workings of bind and listen on Linux.
c  network  socket  system  call  proc 
5 days ago by ianweatherhogg
Using topic pages to organise content on GOV.UK
“GOV.UK has a lot of content and more is published every day. Some users can struggle to find what they need when they navigate through all this content. To try and solve this problem, we launched the GOV.UK site-wide taxonomy. This is our way of organising content so it’s easier to find and understand. For this new site-wide taxonomy to work, we had to find a new way for users to navigate it to find what they need. Our answer to this was to create topic pages, for example ‘Education, training and skills’. These pages show content that belongs to every topic, at every level, of the taxonomy. But our user research showed that users do not only think about topic when they are looking for something. They also think about the content type of the content they're searching for. Corporate reports, consultations and guidance are all examples of content types.”
organising  information  architecture  ia  system  design  content  strategy  organisations  findability  browse  topics  page  web  theweb 
5 days ago by adriancooke
Webinar Recap: How to Use Site Search as a Marketing Multiplier with JP Sherman & Jon Myers
“For this month’s edition of our DeepCrawl webinar series, Jon Myers was joined by JP Sherman, who is an Enterprise Search & Findability Expert at Red Hat. JP gave us all a lot to think about and test for our own sites with his insights into utilising onsite search to better connect with users, match their intents and, ultimately, drive more revenue. JP’s field of expertise is ‘connecting people to the information they’re looking for’ no matter what channel they’re coming from, so we couldn’t think of anyone better to come and talk to our audience about this topic.”
technology  presentation  webinar  seo  site  search  redhat  solr  user  experience  testing  research  findability  measurement  interface  ux  ui  theweb  information  architecture  ia  system 
5 days ago by adriancooke
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Word -written and spoken- is highly valued in the Arabic and Islamic culture. Arabic calligraphy is one way of expressing this value and importance. it is one of the most sophisticated and diverse calligraphic systems in the world. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  design  system 
6 days ago by technogoggles
Survey of the Endocannabinoid System in Medical Schools - Cannabis Digest
We are learning that even the sperm implantation into the ovum requires endocannabinoid activity for success.
ecs  endocannibinoid  system  teaching  medical  schools  cannabis 
6 days ago by herbalmedicine

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