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To Email - Tools for email
Here you will find many useful online applications for working with e-mail. We are actively developing and updating all features of this site, so we will be glad to hear your feedback. If you need an application to email that you did not find on this site, we can also add it for free in the future, only leave a extensive explanation of what you need. We are also looking for new methods fight with spam that come to email and all features of this site are free.
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2 days ago by dusko
PowerPhotos Help
Normally, when using Photos on your Mac, you have a single Photos library that holds all of your photos. As your library grows over time, it can become hard to manage, and Photos can get slower due to the large number of photos in the library. PowerPhotos lets you instead divide your photo collection among multiple Photos libraries. This allows for more fine grained organization, as well as improving the performance of Photos when browsing and editing. If you sync your photos with iCloud Photo Library, creating separate libraries lets you keep a smaller selection synced with iCloud, while still keeping the bulk of your photos on your Mac. You can also easily browse and search your photos and find duplicate photos in your libraries.
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4 days ago by euler

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