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Relic Solution - Scripted Browser Error Handling and Alerting on Step Failures - Proven Practice: Level Up Relic Solutions / Level Up: Synthetics - New Relic Explorers Hub
In a Scripted Browser monitor there maybe some steps in the journey that you don’t want the monitor to alert on, such as checking for the existence of a modal overlay for a campaign, so you can close it, and then resume checking other critical elements. Or sometimes, if a step fails, there maybe some extra steps you want to take before failing the monitor, like adding a custom attribute to your SyntheticCheck event 7.

This is where onRejected handler functions for the .then() method comes in handy. Think of them as a callback (errback) function but for unresolved promises / errors. I find this is sometimes under utilized, but it can add some versatility to your script and your alerting.
new  relic  synthetic  error  handling 
5 weeks ago by amilnarski
OSA | Superresolution far-field imaging by coded phase reflectors distributed only along the boundary of synthetic apertures
So you can cheat quite a bit more with optical synthetic aperture designs than previously thought. May make cubesat mirrors with photon thruster management feasible for very large apertures...
hypertelescope  telescope  optics  research  synthetic  aperture  array  mirror  coflyer  cubesat  space 
5 weeks ago by asteroza
Synthetic glycolate metabolism pathways stimulate crop growth and productivity in the field | Science
New synthetic pathway spliced in to override native pathway to improve CO2 capture and reduce accidental O2 capture (and subsequent remediation metabolic cost), for a massive boost in photosynthesis efficiency. But this is for C3 plants, so C4 plants like rice/corn may not work?
C3  plant  GM  GMO  synthetic  photosynthesis  pathway 
5 weeks ago by asteroza
I wonder if synthetic meats using real animal cells that are fully cultured can be considered kosher/halal...
artificial  synthetic  meat  food  israel 
9 weeks ago by asteroza

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