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SENNA is a software distributed under a non-commercial license, which outputs a host of Natural Language Processing (NLP) predictions: part-of-speech (POS) tags, chunking (CHK), name entity recognition (NER), semantic role labeling (SRL) and syntactic parsing (PSG).
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january 2016 by areich
Armor Applications
Interesting hollow silicon carbide ceramic shells impregnating metal to create metal foam armor.
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november 2014 by asteroza
Wiki: "CoffeeScript is a programming language that transcompiles to JavaScript. It adds syntactic sugar inspired by Ruby, Python and Haskell to enhance JavaScript's brevity and readability. Specific additional features include list comprehension and pattern matching. The language has a relatively large following in the Ruby community. CoffeeScript support is included in Ruby on Rails." HAG
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november 2014 by eocas
A lightweight SCSS compiler for Wordpress. About: "This plugin compiles .scss files on your wordpress install using lefo's scssphp. Includes settings page for configuring directories, error reporting, compiling options, and auto enqueuing. The plugin only compiles when changes have been made to the scss files. Compiles are made to the matching css file, so disabling this plugin will not take down your stylesheets. In the instance where a matching css file does not exist yet, the plugin will create the appropriate css file in the css directory." Alternative: WordLess ( ) HAG
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november 2014 by eocas
Kronuz/pyScss - GitHub
pyScss is a Python implementation of Sass, a CSS preprocessing language that adds variables, expressions, nested rules, mixins, inheritance, and other features that help ease the maintenance of large stylesheets. pyScss also includes support for Compass, and has an extension mechanism for adding your own custom behavior. pyScss is not yet fully compatible with the canonical Ruby implementation, but intends to getting there. Python-Scss has most of the funcitonality in Sass, and more. See here what it supports: HAG
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november 2014 by eocas
Sass > libSass
Sass was originally written for Ruby, but now they've created libSass which is a C/C++ port of the Sass engine, which makes it easier to integrate the engine into an IDE or another language. Also, your IDE might have a plugin which would support Sass, without the need of ruby by using the libSass. WRAPPERS LibSass is just a library. To run the code locally (i.e. to compile your stylesheets), you need an implementer, or "wrapper". There are a number of other wrappers for LibSass. We encourage you to write your own wrapper - the whole point of Libsass is that we want to bring Sass to many other languages, not just Ruby! At this point, the Sass engine can be used in C, Go, Java, Javascript, Lua, .NET, Node.js, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Scala. HAG
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november 2014 by eocas
Scout - Compass and Sass without all the hassle
Scout is a cross-platform app that delivers the power of the ruby gems Sass & Compass into the hands of web designers. Scout makes your CSS workflow a snap by delivering more control, optimization, and organization. Not all designers can/want to use command line (CLI) tools, and that's where Scout steps in. Scout runs Sass and Compass in a self-contained Ruby environment, letting you effortlessly manage all of your Sass projects with a handful of clicks. You'll never have to worry about your Ruby setup or deal with technical issues. WHAT IS SASS? Sass is an extension of CSS that adds nested rules, variables, mixin functions, and a whole lot more. It eases the burden of organizing and maintaining CSS code, while also compiling your Sass code to properly formatted. WHAT IS COMPASS? Compass is an open-source CSS framework that makes using CSS3 and popular design patterns easier than ever. Compass works exclusively with Sass to help you write cleaner, quicker CSS code. HAG
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november 2014 by eocas
A Sass Mixin Library (for Ruby). - Forget about vendor prefixes: The mixins contain up-to-date vendor prefixes for support in modern browsers - Write CSS faster and easier: The library contains mixins, functions, and other addons to build kick ass web stuff HAG
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november 2014 by eocas
Slim - A Fast, Lightweight Template Engine for Ruby
A Fast, Lightweight Template Engine for Ruby. About: "Slim is a template language whose goal is reduce the syntax to the essential parts without becoming cryptic. The initial design of Slim is what you see on the home page. It started as an exercise to see how much could be removed from a standard html template (<, >, closing tags, etc...). As more people took an interest in Slim, the functionality grew and so did the flexibility of the syntax. Slim uses Temple and Tilt." The port for Phyton is PLIM: HAG
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november 2014 by eocas
The mantra of HAML is to "enforce" beautiful, DRY, well-indented, clear markup which they call "templating haiku". Markup Should be Well-Indented One of the major problems with ERB is that not only does it not encourage well-indented code, it actively makes it challenging to write. This leads to confusing HTML, when it should be well indented and reflecting the underlying structure of the document. Haml automatically properly formats all tags to that it does. HTML Structure Should be Clear XML and HTML are formats built upon the idea of a structured document. That structure is reflected in their markup, and it should likewise be reflected in meta-markup such as Haml. Because Haml’s logic is based on indentation of child elements, this structure is naturally preserved, making the document easier to read. It's possible to apply with Wordpress: A heavily inspired version for Python is HamlPy: HAG
Framework  HTML  Ruby  CSS  Template  Javascript  Tutorial  Syntactic  Sugar  import_startupinthecloud  Startupinthecloud 
november 2014 by eocas
Wiki: "Web application library and domain-specific language written in Ruby. Alternative to other Ruby web application frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Merb, Nitro, and Camping. Dependent on the Rack web server interface. [...] It does not follow the typical model–view–controller pattern used in other frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails. Instead, Sinatra focuses on "quickly creating web-applications in Ruby with minimal effort." Tutorial for a video object with fields like title, length, description, image & genre; with a storage location. Need a way to add this info about the video, upload and watch it: Git repository to port Sinatra on cloud PaaS hosting provider OpenShift (powered by RedHat): HAG
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november 2014 by eocas

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