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Swiss women go on strike as outrage builds over inequality | Financial Times
Nation has poor record on gender issues such as pay gap in spite of wealth, say critics
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2 days ago by robward
Brussels threatens to cut off Swiss stocks trading access | Financial Times
Brussels has warned Switzerland it will cut off the country’s stock traders from EU markets at the end of the month, saying it will not tolerate any “watering down” of the single market’s rules during a “decisive” phase in the Brexit talks.
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2 days ago by robward
Frauenstreik: Was passiert, wenn alle Schweizer Frauen streiken?
Which industries would be most affected if all women went on strike
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3 days ago by paulbradshaw
English Forum Switzerland
Welcome to English Forum Switzerland, the English-language community website for Switzerland. We have over 30,000 English-speaking members.
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7 days ago by maltodextrin
Switzerland weighs the merits of being the global good guy | Financial Times
Unintended consequences of ethical clampdown threaten to undermine Alpine nation’s admirable aims
Switzerland  politics  ft 
7 days ago by robward
The hidden gems of Switzerland’s public transport | House of Switzerland
Open-topped panoramic carriages, le Châtelard, Valais, © Verticalp
7 days ago by maltodextrin
Ottenbach Online: Abteilungen
Friedhof - Cemetery
Für Todesfälle ausserhalb der Öffnungszeiten wenden Sie sich an den Hausarzt oder an die Polizei. Überführungen des Verstorbenen erledigt die Bossardt Bestattungen AG: 044 710 99 70.
switzerland  genealogy 
8 days ago by maltodextrin
Genealogy Links - Swiss Center of North America | Swiss Center of North America
Tips on doing research in Switzerland:

Swiss citizenship is kept on three levels: nationally, the canton, and the Heimatort, or home community. For most people, citizenship was inherited. Therefore, a citizen’s descendants may never even have seen their original home community. The home community was charged with keeping track of its citizens. If a birth, marriage, or death of a citizen took place in another parish, notice of the event was often sent to the Heimatort.
Church books are one of the most reliable and accurate family history sources.
The number of emigrants who left Switzerland without permission and paying the obligatory “moving-away tax” was fairly high, so there may be no record of their departure. Passports were not registered until the mid-19th Century.

Photos and scans are not always allowed by the archives and photocopying old books is generally prohibited.
switzerland  genealogy 
8 days ago by maltodextrin
Ottenbach Online
Birthplace of some of my forefathers
8 days ago by maltodextrin
My nomination for the most mis-named city in the world is 'Bern' in . The rain here is terrible. It's c…
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9 days ago by kexrex

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