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A guide to the confusing world of open switches | Network World
Open switching has spawned a small lexicon that can be confusing to newcomers, leaving them wondering what the difference is, say, between bare metal switches and white box switches, and whether the differences really matter or are just a marketing overlay. In this blog I want to take a crack at differentiating the terms you hear most often around open Ethernet switching.
networking  open  software  ethernet  definitions  switching  switches  switch 
15 days ago by bezthomas
T1 Holy Wei Samples came in : MechanicalKeyboards
“Right now these are not quite the same as Zealio V2’s, and I do personally prefer the V2 as a switch overall. But these are very close, and I’m interested to see how the GB ones are when they ship.”
keyboards  switches  zealio  holywei  2019  reddit 
6 weeks ago by handcoding
4 Advantages of Managed Ethernet Switches
The main difference between a managed and unmanaged ethernet switch is that managed ethernet switches provide more control.
ethernet  switches  internet 
10 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
DRY Switching with CSS Variables
Using CSS variables as switches in interface design.
css  variables  dry  switches  webdev 
10 weeks ago by angusm
[help] Zealio actuation force? : MechanicalKeyboards
“However, what are the actuation forces of these switches? I’m trying to compare them to the various Cherry switches.

“I’m about to order some 67g Zealios in the GB and I’m probably being stupid, but I can’t seem to find this info anywhere.”
zealpc  switches  reddit  2016  zealios  zilents 
11 weeks ago by handcoding

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