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Which Lube for Switch Lube: An updated guide on the what, how, and where of switch lubricants - Learning and discussion / Key switches - KeebTalk
Having felt quite overwhelmed in this community with so many niche options available with widespread documentation and secret knowledge spread across Reddit and multiple forums I hope to dispel some myths …
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RT : Cytus Alpha is heading to on both physical & digital formats on May 14th!

Including a special CD…
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UbuntuBonding - Community Help Wiki
Bonding, also called port trunking or link aggregation means combining several network interfaces (NICs) to a single link, providing either high-availability, load-balancing, maximum throughput, or a combination of these.

Mode 0 balance-rr
Round-robin policy: Transmit packets in sequential order from the first available slave through the last. This mode provides load balancing and fault tolerance.

Mode 1 active-backup
Active-backup policy: Only one slave in the bond is active. A different slave becomes active if, and only if, the active slave fails. The bond's MAC address is externally visible on only one port (network adapter) to avoid confusing the switch. This mode provides fault tolerance. The primary option affects the behavior of this mode.

Mode 2 balance-xor
XOR policy: Transmit based on selectable hashing algorithm. The default policy is a simple source+destination MAC address algorithm.

Mode 3 broadcast
Broadcast policy: transmits everything on all slave interfaces. This mode provides fault tolerance.

Mode 4 802.3ad
IEEE 802.3ad Dynamic link aggregation. Creates aggregation groups that share the same speed and duplex settings.
Prerequisites: Ethtool support in the base drivers for retrieving the speed and duplex of each slave. A switch that supports IEEE 802.3ad Dynamic link aggregation. Most switches will require some type of configuration to enable 802.3ad mode.

Mode 5 balance-tlb
Adaptive transmit load balancing: channel bonding that does not require any special switch support. The outgoing traffic is distributed according to the current load (computed relative to the speed) on each slave.
Prerequisites: Ethtool support in the base drivers for retrieving the speed of each slave.

Mode 6 balance-alb
Adaptive load balancing: includes balance-tlb plus receive load balancing (rlb) for IPV4 traffic, and does not require any special switch support. The receive load balancing is achieved by ARP negotiation. The bonding driver intercepts the ARP Replies sent by the local system on their way out and overwrites the source hardware address with the unique hardware address of one of the slaves in the bond such that different peers use different hardware addresses for the server.
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How could i switch between Ansible versions? - Stack Overflow
$ virtualenv ~/venvs/ansible_1_9_5 $ source ~/venvs/ansible_1_9_5/bin/activate $ pip install "ansible==1.9.5" $ ansible --version ansible 1.9.5 configured module search path = None
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