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Using generic type constraints in Swift 4 — Swift by Sundell
Using generic type constraints, you are able to only add certain APIs and
behaviors to implementors of a generic type that match a certain set of
constraints. This week, let's take a look at some techniques and patterns
that are made possible because of type constraints, and how they can be
used in practice - focusing on some of the new capabilities that were
recently introduced with Swift 3.1 & 4.
swift  generics  type  constraint 
1 hour ago by lgtout
The power of Result types in Swift — Swift by Sundell
This week, let's explore various versions of the commonly used Result type,
and some of the cool things it lets us do when combined with some of
Swift's language features.
coding  ios  macos  swift  tutorials 
2 hours ago by schroeda
Building a command line tool using the Swift Package Manager
In my first ever tutorial-ish post, I provide a step-by-step guide to building your first command line tool using the Swift Package Manager, sharing some learnings from when I built Marathon.
4 hours ago by Pasanpr
Quick/Quick Swift testing framework
Quick documentation contains plenty of sound advice for unit testing in general, not specific to the framework or Swift.
Swift  testing 
2 days ago by robjwells

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