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Dynamic Bézier Curves
By Josh W. Comeau - May 23, 2018
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the new code – SVG Basics: Groups
Groups - the tag in SVG - are somewhat akin to
elements on web pages, in that they contain and control related SVG elements. However, there are some very distinct differences between and
elements are important to understand:
group  svg 
yesterday by kogakure
the new code – SVG Shape Elements: Lines, PolyLines, Caps and Corners
If you’re after a line or an open shape, rather than a closed polygon or circle, SVG has two options for you: lines and polylines.
line  svg 
yesterday by kogakure
the new code – SVG Shape Elements: Polygons
If you want a closed SVG shape that is more than a basic circle, ellipse or rectangle, you’ll need to create a polygon.
polygon  svg 
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the new code – SVG Shape Elements: Rectangles and Squares
After circles, rectangles are probably the easiest element to draw in SVG, requiring just one more attribute to complete them. The basic syntax for rectangles requires an x position, y position, width and height: In CSS you can use border-radius to round the visible corners of elements.
rectangle  svg 
yesterday by kogakure

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