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Haiku - dynamic, cross-platform UIs
Create dynamic, cross-platform UIs using design tools, code, or both.
visualization  animation  JS  widgets  opensource  tools  svg  webdesign  Mac 
3 hours ago by liqweed
Where designing is building. Create UIs using design, code, or both. Works with any iOS, Android, or Web codebase. | Haiku
Where designing is building. Create dynamic, cross-platform UIs using design tools, code, or both. Works with any iOS, Android, or Web codebase.
development  tool  design  animation  ui  app  svg  Tools 
6 hours ago by phatblat
Loading animation GIFs and SVGs
Animation  GIF  SVG  Loading  Web  Design  Service  Free 
9 hours ago by Alex-Blackman
Gravit vector editor
Professional cross-platform vector editor
design  vectorgraphics  svg  editor 
yesterday by rrees
SVG Animation Creator - Animate and Export SVG | SVGator
title says: Animate SVG easily. Import, animate and export. online tool lets you import a graphic, choose animation and will export the code
webdesign  web  design  animate  animation  svg  illustration  graphic  effect  import  export  online  tool 
yesterday by piperh
Free customizable SVG Backgrounds
Customizable SVG backgrounds for web design
webdev  svg  backgrounds 
yesterday by angusm

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