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More young people are moving to N.H. from other states, study shows
There’s some good news for those worried about the graying of New Hampshire – more young people are moving to the state than were leaving it during the 2008 recession.
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The Delphi method | The Psychologist
I It uses a group of participants (known as ‘panellists’) specially selected for their particular expertise on a topic.

I It is often conducted across a series of two or more sequential questionnaires known as ‘rounds’. It employs an initial ‘idea generation’ stage, in which panellists are asked to identify the range of salient issues.

I It collates ideas from Round 1 to construct the survey instrument distributed in subsequent rounds.
I It has an evaluation phase (third or further rounds) where panellists are provided with the panel’s responses and asked to re-evaluate their original responses.

>>It is interested in the formation or exploration of consensus, often defined as the number of panellists agreeing with each other on questionnaire items.
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Arctia Oy - Arktisten olosuhteiden erikoisosaaja
Arctia on erikoisvarustamo, joka tuottaa jäänmurto-, öljyntorjunta- ja offshore-palveluita sekä satamien avustuspalveluita.
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Analyzing Likert Data
Analyzing Likert Data

Good for REL
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Vote in the 2018 A Head Full of Wishes survey - A Head Full of Wishes
RT : Vote in the 2018 A Head Full of Wishes : It's that time of year again - the AHFoW survey has been…
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