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Biometric facial recognition boarding changing airport experience | Aviation Week, Feb 2018
The biometric facial recognition trial at Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) has proven so successful and popular that US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is actively exploring how widely facial recognition can be used at airports, a senior CBP official said.
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Revealed: Two Secret Cogs In The FBI National Surveillance Machine
Despite the almost complete lack of transparency surrounding that effort, Forbes has uncovered two previously-undisclosed units that sources say form crucial parts of the FBI’s surveillance machinery. Known as the FBI Collections Operations Group and the FBI WiFi Group, they appear in virtually no public records. Google searches for the names return nothing. Not a single LinkedIn profile contains a reference to either. And with the unearthing of these two units, civil liberties activists, legal experts and even former intelligence analysts are crying foul about the possibility of widespread domestic surveillance occurring across America with zero oversight.
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US Law Enforcement Use of Face Recognition Systems Threatens Civil Liberties, Disproportionately Affects People of Color: EFF Report | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Researchers at the Georgetown Law School estimated that one in every two American adults—117 million people—are already in law enforcement face recognition systems.

This kind of surveillance will have a chilling effect on Americans’ willingness to exercise their rights to speak out and be politically engaged, the report says. Law enforcement has already used face recognition at political protests, and may soon use face recognition with body-worn cameras, to identify people in the dark, and to project what someone might look like from a police sketch or even a small sample of DNA.
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Erin Kissane on Twitter: "I keep seeing this posted as hopeful/heartwarming but it’s also an unethical abuse of power. Psych research requires *consent*."
Erin Kissane | Twitter
I keep seeing this posted as hopeful/heartwarming but it’s also an unethical abuse of power. Psych research requires *consent*.
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